Have you noticed that being out of balance can have significant effects on all aspect of your life?

When you are out of balance, what part of your life suffers first?

If you feel out of balance between the energy you expend on your home life and your work life, you are in good company. Many of my health coaching clients come to me because this specific imbalance is causing them physical distress, and they worry it makes them less successful. It isn’t always easy to make choices when your life is full of opportunities and people who are important to you. Of course we all like that! A full, rich life is often the very definition of happiness. Yet, we get out of balance. I’d like to help you think through some new ways to choose where to put your energy, and in the long run, feel more empowered.

Georgianne’s five holistic health tips to help you bring your home and work life into balance:

Care for yourself as a daily priority

  • You cannot continue doing work or being present for others at home or at work in any  dedicated way if you are not well taken care of.
  • Allow yourself to be appropriately and highly compensated for your good work.
  • Balance in your schedule can include time to indulge in things you love to do that nourish you.

Establish good boundaries – at home and at work

  • Establish working and non-working hours, and honor your word regarding your schedule.
  • Clearly communicate guidelines for how and when you can be reached outside of these hours.
  • Healthy boundaries will improve your quality of life and relationships with others.

Batch similar activities together

  • Conserve your energy by balancing the amount of “back and forth” effort you make between tasks.
  • Maintain focus and dedication to similar tasks so you can ride the momentum and improve efficiency.

Get balance support from your family and friends

  • Communicate your vision and goals, and speak up about ways in which they can help.
  • Getting family and friends on board with your vision will help you stay accountable.

Create a three-year plan to achieve your desired income level

  • A plan with goals and action steps will help keep you on track, and looking forward is important for everyone.
  • Clearly defined and measurable objectives allow you to monitor your progress  and make adjustments when necessary.