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Looking to start your solution for prediabetes?

Coach Georgianne Holland invites you to grab the Solution Starter for Prediabetes Workbook Preview

prediabetes workbookYou’re curious about what this popular prediabetes workbook preview can do to help you solve prediabetes. With one simple click and $1, you’ll receive the 25-page, full-color workbook preview today!

Watch for this Prediabetes Workbook Preview in your email inbox as a PDF!  It includes:

  • How to work with your doctor’s advice about prediabetes
  • Encouragement to create support for other loved ones with prediabetes
  • The full workbook Table of Contents so you can see the entire Solution Starter curriculum
  • Coaching from Georgianne about how this science-backed program can help you avoid Type 2 Diabetes
  • The COMPLETE chapters 1 and 2 of this popular workbook!
  • Three expertly created Worksheets you can use and share with your medical team and family
  • All the facts about Diabetes and Prediabetes explained in an easy-to-understand way
  • Fast Facts about the Blood Sugar tests you will likely have, or already have had, and what to know about them
  • Access to research and resources you can follow to learn more today!


Don’t Wait! And don’t let Prediabetes define you!

If you choose to learn more after you see this popular Preview, the complete version of this prediabetes workbook is an important part of Solution Starter for Prediabetes — the popular online program that represents a new era in the self-care management of prediabetes. It gives you more control over improving your health from the comfort of your own home. On your schedule. On your terms. It’s interactive, inspirational, and even FUN!

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Solution Starter Workbook Preview

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About Georgianne Holland

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Georgianne is a lifelong health-seeker, author, businesswoman, and path creator. Best known for her compassion-focused coaching practice, she has written books and resources for women seeking wellness from her Colorado hometown of Westminster. You can ask Georgianne coaching questions anytime at Contact Georgianne!

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