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Solution Starter for Prediabetes

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Solution Starter Bundle

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This Solution Starter Prediabetes Bundle includes one copy of the Solution Starter Workbook and Coach Georgianne’s companion tool, the Solution Starter Food & Activity Journal. Save money by purchasing the bundle today!

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This bundle of the Solution Starter Workbook and Food & Activity Journal are powerful tools for those wanting Prediabetes Help

The Workbook: If you want prediabetes help to fight back against this chronic illness, you need expert information and compassionate guidance. Coach Georgianne Holland has packed this 128 page workbook with proven strategies to change your lifestyle. You’ll gain the tools and tactics to make dramatic progress toward improving your health, losing weight, increasing your fitness level, and building your confidence. Don’t let Prediabetes define you! Receive prediabetes help! Find the solutions you need, starting right now.

The Journal: Tracking your nutrition and activity is an effective way to increase personal accountability as you improve your health and reverse Prediabetes. This one-month Journal will make that process as easy as possible! Keep it with you wherever you go, and you’ll have a convenient place to quickly jot down the foods you eat and whatever “movement” you incorporate into your day.

You can learn more details about each of these dynamic tools by visiting the Workbook and Journal pages on this site.

When you sign up for Solution Starter, you’ll receive a copy of Coach Georgianne Holland’s TWO tools: The Workbook and the Food & Activity Journal. Maybe you are not yet ready to join in on the year-long program, and would like to simply start by purchasing your own copy of these two Solution Starter books? The team at Holland Health Coaching welcomes you and invites you to do just that.

If you would like to learn more about the comprehensive Solution Starter program, or ask Coach Georgianne a question, we are here for you today.


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