Solution Starter Prediabetes Online Program


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The Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Program

A science-based course with holistic health
coaching to combat prediabetes and high blood sugar


prediabetes programThis prediabetes online program is ideal for:

  • People who have recently learned they have Prediabetes or High Blood Sugar
  • People who have a family history of Diabetes [Type 1 or Type 2] and want to stop this legacy now
  • Progressive Companies or Human Resource Departments wanting to help their workforce stay healthy and productive


How does this program work?

The Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Online Program is designed for busy people who want to expand their health and the health of their families.


  1. This program is created to be affordable. I want everyone who’s interested in solving their prediabetes to feel confident in their purchase. For example, for less than a monthly latte habit, you get life-changing skills that can prevent type 2 diabetes and give you a richer life.
  2. You’ll enjoy full lifetime access to the Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Program from your computer or mobile device. You can take the course and revisit subjects whenever you like to sustain your wellness progress! With the course being online, and all the resources ready to download, you can study in the comfort of your home, on your own schedule.
  3. Each class, video, and worksheet in this course is based on science-backed research from the CDC and Diabetes Prevention Program. I’ve combined important prediabetes science with proven habit-changing strategies. This helps you to put what you learn into action right from your own kitchen table.



The Solution StarterTM Prediabetes Program includes:

  • 58 online prediabetes classes from Certified Diabetes Educator & Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland
  • Online Community Membership
  • Science-based content with proven strategies in an easy-to-follow format
  • Science-backed worksheets, charts, and assignments are written for everyone to easily understand and use at home
  • Digital downloads of chapters 1-3 in Solution StarterTM Program Workbook and A Crash Course on Carbs (a $48 value)
  • Regular email and text communications
  • Ongoing support and encouragement
  • Monthly e-newsletter Homemade Health
  • Use of personalized Health Coaching
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can take your time learning & share what you learned with your family

*Printed versions of the Solution StarterTM Workbook and Journal are sold separately.

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