Prediabetes Workbook


If you want to fight back against Prediabetes, it helps to have expert information and compassionate guidance. Coach Georgianne Holland has packed this 128-page workbook (9″x11″, spiral bound) with proven strategies to help you recreate your lifestyle. You’ll gain the tools and tactics to make dramatic progress toward improving your health, losing weight, increasing your fitness level, and building your confidence. Don’t let Prediabetes define you! Take charge of your health! Find the solutions you need, starting right now.


The Prediabetes Workbook at the Heart of the Solution Starter Program

prediabetes workbookThe Doctor Says You Have Prediabetes — What Are You Supposed to Do?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has investigated the ideal way to prevent a prediabetes diagnosis from turning into Type 2 Diabetes. I’m Coach Georgianne and I was trained to deliver this Diabetes Prevention Program! I’ve written the Solution Starter Workbook to help you in the comfort of home.

Each page of this workbook is easy to read, understand, and follow. There’s no complicated science or judgemental language here. Take a little time to look through the workbook and your worries about high blood sugar will start to melt away.

The contents of the Solution Starter Prediabetes Workbook can help you to succeed as a Prediabetes Hero. We’ve all heard the coaching advice to just do it, yet knowing exactly what to do can seem like a mystery. That’s where Coach Georgianne’s innovative approach to transforming health habits at home can make all the difference.

Here’s a Chapter-by-Chapter sneak peek:

  • One: Take the First Step
  • Two: Get the Facts
  • Three: Set Your Goals
  • Four: Adopt a New Mindset
  • Five: Upgrade the Way You Eat
  • Six: Decipher Your Food Labels
  • Seven: Stabilize Your Blood Sugar
  • Eight: Succeed with a Smart Strategy
  • Nine: Focus on Fitness
  • Ten: Manage Your Stress
  • Eleven: Surround Yourself with Support
  • Twelve: Face Challenges with Confidence
  • Thirteen: Final Inspiration from Coach Georgianne

Included within these 13 chapters of science-backed information, you will find 25 Participation Pages! Fill out these pages as you engage with the material presented. This is the ideal way to adopt new habits! Coach Georgianne provides you with her expert tools and proven protocol, and you make it your own by participating in the workbook.


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