Journal for the 30-Day Habit-Building Program


Everyone has a habit or two they’d like to change or build. This colorful Focus on the Good Journal was designed to help you build one new habit in just 30 days. Follow along as Coach Georgianne helps you use her 10 popular Sharpen Your Focus lessons. This journal includes two sheets of exclusive stickers designed in Coach Georgianne’s friendly style.


Let’s Work Together to Build One Awesome Habit in 30 Days!

Coach Georgianne’s Focus on the Good  Journal | 100 pages, 6″ x 9″ size, spiral-bound, 2 sticker sheets, accountability worksheets, step-by-step help for building 1 new habit in 30-days


New from Accountability & Health Coach, Georgianne Holland!

This habit-building journal includes:

  • Coach Georgianne’s 10 Sharpen Your Focus lessons taught in Colorado
  • Journal is designed to help you build the habit of your choice over the next 30 days
  • Colorful and Organized, this journal takes you step-by-step through the habit-building process
  • 100 pages + 2 sticker sheets
  • Use the 9 exclusive Writing Prompt Stickers to dig deep and think through how your mind & life choices impact your habits
  • Express yourself and have fun with the 20 inspirational stickers during the next month
  • Document your daily efforts to create habit-change with the included 30-Day Calendar
  • Use the ten 3-Day Calendars to plan out the next 3 days of effort; chunking down your efforts into a manageable size
  • Great gift for men, women, and teens

I created this colorful journal to support you every step of the way…


“As you engage with this 30-day journal, I’ll be here by your side, cheering you on. This time, you can make it happen!

The habit you choose is up to you. I’ve included 10 Sharpen Your Focus pages to help you move forward each day. There are blank pages for you to write and dream. I’ve included 9 stickers with journal-writing prompts! Building one SPECIFIC habit will be a Focus on the Good experience that has meaning in your life.


Our habits help us achieve goals. Maybe you want to avoid sugar and eat more produce every day? Maybe it’s time to strap on your hiking shoes and reinvigorate your body? Or, maybe you’d like to drop some bad habit gained during a very stressful 2020? No matter what you choose, I’m behind you 100%!”

~ Coach Georgianne


This Journal is included when you enroll in Option 2 of the 30-Day Habit-Building Program

If you’d rather buy only the journal, I’m offering it here to you at a special discounted price.

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