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Tracking your nutrition and activity on a daily basis is probably the single most effective way to improve your health and reverse Prediabetes. This one-month Food & Activity Journal (6″x9″, 108 pages) by Coach Georgianne Holland, will make that process as easy as possible! Keep it with you wherever you go, and you’ll have a convenient place to quickly jot down the foods you eat and the activities, including exercise, you incorporate into your day.


The Food & Activity Journal: Coach Georgianne Holland’s Favorite Healthy Habit Tool

How to Track Food & Exercise for 30 Days

Food & Activity Journal

The Food and Activity Journal makes the process of tracking healthy habits easy! Keep it with you wherever you go! It easily fits in a purse or backpack. Jot down the foods you eat. Make a note of exercise. It’s a simple, friendly tool that encourages self-care habits. This journal contains 108 pages of space to write down your thoughts. But what’s more, it provides compassionate accountability. It’s a great tool for anyone creating healthy habits!

Research tells us that writing down what we eat is key to weight management.

This journal includes a place to record your weight and body measurements at the beginning and end of the month, giving you a clear visualization of your progress.

Also Included in the Journal:

  • Great tips for healthy eating and exercise
  • Multiple pages for taking notes or recording thoughts about your experiences
  • Inspiration to fuel your journey
  • 11 pages of nutrition & activity recommendations

Your growing good health is about more than a number on a bathroom scale, for instance!

Included in this journal are holistic health recommendations. You’ll find macro and micronutrient resources, how to improve gut health and stabilize blood sugar. In addition, there’s meal planning and food shopping guidance! Coach Georgianne helps her clients focus on the good in all areas of their healthy lifestyle.

Make a commitment to consistently use this Food and Activity Journal! It will dramatically increase your odds of success with the Solution Starter program. Best of luck, and happy journaling! ~Coach Georgianne


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