Focus on the Good Sticker Set


The Focus on the Good Journal includes this inspirational Sticker Set. Buy a set of stickers to use in your own diary or notebook here. This set includes 29 high-gloss, full-color stickers. It is ideal for everyone who wants to use a daily writing practice to uplift their spirits. Exclusively available at Holland Health Coaching in Colorado.


Inspirational Sticker Set Helps Focus on the Good in Your Life!

Journal Writing Inspiration Sticker Set

Created by Holland Health Coaching’s Founder, Coach Georgianne Holland


Journal writing is more important than ever. By this I mean, taking time to write in a notebook or diary has become a daily part of life for many women seeking a wellness lifestyle or for people hoping to create new habits. Coach Georgianne teaches her health coaching clients to take time every day for journal writing. In fact, it’s a cornerstone of her NEW PROGRAM, the 30-Day Habit-Building & Accountability Program!

Meditation and mindfulness teachers encourage us to use journal-writing to calm our minds and nervous systems. Journal writing gives us the opportunity to focus on moments of self-care and clarity throughout our day or week.

What the experts are saying

“Research studies have revealed the numerous benefits of journaling. One of the most studied aspects of journal writing pertains to its healing effects. It has been determined that those who keep a journal are more likely to be connected to their emotions and problem-solving skills.” ~ Katharina Star, Ph.D.

What’s included in this set

This sticker set includes 29 stickers with a cheerful vibe. This includes the 9 unique writing prompt stickers that help you start any writing session. If you follow Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages, for instance, writing prompts like these can help an early morning session come to life.

The second sheet of stickers is a playful inspirational tool to use in a variety of ways. How about adding one to your next letter to your daughter? Maybe you’d like to remember a coffee date with a friend on the kitchen calendar? There are no rules…only colorful fun with Coach Georgianne!

Additional information

Weight5 oz
Dimensions9 × 6 × 1 in


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