A Crash Course on Carbs | Choosing Food for Blood Sugar Balance


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Newly Updated! Coach Georgianne’s Crash Course on Carbs | Choosing Food for Blood Sugar Balance & Holistic Health

“The doctor called…my blood sugar numbers have crossed the line.”

My Client Jane from Portland heard her blood test results on a Tuesday, and by the following Saturday, she’d completed her Crash Course on Carbs

“I knew immediately that my past choices were to blame. My love of junky carbs had caught up with me.”

– Client Jane D.

Join Jane and learn how to easily choose the foods for balanced blood sugar levels with A Crash Course on Carbs!

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How Can This Course Help You?

  • Improve your health with yummy food instead of deprivation.
  • Use food choice, not medication right away, to balance blood sugar and avoid Type 2 Diabetes. Later, if you and your doctor agree to add medication for high blood sugar, your overall health will be stronger and you’ll be ready for additional help.
  • Make your own list of carbs to enjoy FOREVER and still FEEL and LOOK great.
  • Understand these sly characters: Starches, Sugars, and Fibers…oh, my!
  • Busy people love a crash course…learn what you need to know, see the pro game plan, and get it done.
  • Share what you learn with family and friends. Everyone is struggling with putting into daily practice what they know about good health. You can be a health leader using this Carb Course.

A Crash Course on Carbs includes science-backed details you can count on…without any science jargon used!

Coach Georgianne is a Certified Diabetes Educator and trained by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. She teaches the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) as certified by the CDC. This program is based on the same curriculum you’d find in a hospital-based high blood sugar program or a doctor’s office class. The habit-change protocol behind every program offered by Georgianne is built on her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach.

During the past year, the requirements of SOCIAL DISTANCING make it challenging to attend large group educational programs. Coach Georgianne’s home-based programs have proven to be an ideal solution!

All of the science and proven results from the CDC program are now available at home, at your convenience, with family by your side.

Coach Georgianne offers this important science-backed material in plain language with helpful resources; print and share them! She hopes you’ll include everyone who eats at your kitchen table in the benefits of A Crash Course on Carbs!

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