5 Steps to Help Solve Prediabetes and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes


Coach Georgianne Holland’s E-Book is now available as a limited-time FREE Report: 5 Steps to Help a Loved One Solve Prediabetes and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

You can stop the legacy of cellular damage, spiking blood sugar levels, and help your beloved family thrive!


Have you or a loved one been struggling to stay healthy?

Do high blood sugar, prediabetes, or weight issues top your list of health problems?

Because you’re visiting here today, I’d love to send you a FREE copy of my e-book; 5 Steps to Help a Loved One Solve Prediabetes and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes…Especially if that Loved One is You!

“The human body was designed to live well over a hundred years in health… If there is a breakdown at the cellular level, this is when inflammation, the precursor to all disease, begins.” ~ Keith Nemec, director of Total Health Institute

If you are troubled by health problems that can lead to inflammation and chronic illness, you are not alone! And you’re not the only person who finds it difficult to put knowledge about good health into daily practice.

That’s why I’ve written my 5 Steps FREE Report. It is a dynamic resource to help you take 5 Key Steps to transform past habits into the self-care superpower you’ll need to regain holistic health at home.

I can tell you–Prediabetes is a common starting ground for many people who have the kind of cellular breakdown mentioned by Keith Nemec. A prediabetes diagnosis doesn’t define anyone, but getting this diagnosis can be the dramatic moment when people decide to take action.

How Does This Free Report Help You Take Action?

I’ve written this e-book as a kind of bridge for you over the frustrations you’ve felt in the past…and crossing that bridge leads to a new era in health management at home.

Your Five Key Steps Include:

  1. Redefine Your Future
  2. Believe in Transformation
  3. Master New Skills
  4. Develop Your Resilience Muscle
  5. It’s Your Time to Shine!


How Can You Use These Five Steps to Stop the Family Legacy of Type 2 Diabetes?

I have included in this e-book a family wellness plan you can use to encourage all the people who love to eat around your dinner table. How would you feel when balanced blood sugar and sustained weight loss have reduced your Type 2 Diabetes risk? How would you feel after your doctor tells you that your blood sugar is now in the normal range? Would you be ready to share EVERYTHING you did with your family?

Another big win: How would it feel when instead of spending your money at the pharmacy on blood sugar medications, an entire bucket-list of activities can be financed by your growing good health? That could happen to you!


This E-Book can be yours in a flash!

For a limited time, I’m giving away this e-book to everyone interested in balancing their blood sugar, avoiding type 2 diabetes, and reclaiming their health. You can stop the family legacy of diabetes in your lifetime! Two downloads are allowed per person. You are encouraged to share this important e-book with a loved one today.





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