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Building new habits can be tricky. I’ve designed this 30-day accountability coaching program to solve that and help you succeed. You choose any one habit to build and I’ll be by your side as your Pro Coach every step of the way. We’ll do this once together, and then…watch out world! You’ll be unstoppable.


Accountability Coach Helps You Build One Awesome Habit in 30 Days

News from Health & Accountability Coach, Georgianne Holland!

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Accountability Coach’s Option One of this Online Program Includes:

  • The 30-Day Program with me, accountability coach Georgianne, as your guide. I created this program to help you build one habit of YOUR CHOICE
  • We’ll begin with the Starting Line video
  • You’ll receive one 30-minute phone or zoom session (your choice) to discuss your habit choice and make a plan
  • I’ll deliver five coaching emails over 30 days — including my 5 Core Habit-Building Lessons
  • 8 Accountability text messages with me over the 30-day program — to help you keep moving forward!
  • On day 31, you’ll receive an audio recording from me to play whenever you need a motivational boost

What will you need to succeed with this accountability coaching program?

  1. You will need access to an email account and a phone that sends/receives text messages.
  2. I also recommend that you have a blank notebook or journal to capture your thoughts and ideas during this month-long program.
  3. It’s also best if you have access to a computer printer. I’ll send you exclusive worksheets, habit-building assignments, and resources available ONLY to those enrolled in this program! Print them out and save them in your notebook.

“As you follow along with me in this 30-day program, you’ll gain all of the skills needed to create future habits and reach your valuable goals.” ~ Coach Georgianne


Here’s what I know: Everyone has worked hard in the past on health habits. We know that our habits help us achieve goals. Yet, sustainable success in habit building is more frustrating than joy. I used to suck at building habits that stick. After I hired a professional accountability coach (for thousands of dollars!) everything changed. Now I’m ready to step in and share the success with you!

Maybe the missing puzzle piece for you—like it was for me—was not having an accountability coach who’s objective, kind, and non-judgmental. No matter what habit you choose to build, I’m behind you 100%!”

~ Coach Georgianne

Theraccountabilitye is a colorful Focus on the Good Journal available.

Option One of this 30-day program does not include the journal or inspirational stickers shown on left. Option one is ideal for someone who already has a blank journal or notebook and isn’t interested in inspirational stickers. The journal with stickers is available separately here.


PLEASE NOTE  Check out my shop to learn more about Option Two of this same 30-day accountability coaching program. Option Two DOES INCLUDE the journal and inspirational stickers—plus the bonus of my popular I Love My Body Mirror Image Message for your bathroom mirror! Learn more about Option Two here.








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