Shopping List Pad (30 sheets) with Magnet


Designed by Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland, this colorful pad of 30 sheets with a magnet, includes a grocery shopping list PLUS a self-care list.

Why is your shopping list choice helpful? You’ve been wanting to upgrade your food life and feel better about the meals you prepare at home…here’s an easy way to make that happen.

This Shopping List pairs well with the Healthy Plate Meal Planning tool.


This Shopping List Pad for your fridge will help you make Healthy Habits a priority every day!

Fans of robust good health know that planning ahead for healthy cooking at home is important.

Shopping List

When we prepare whole, real food into colorful meals, we nourish our bodies. This can mean we also delay or solve chronic illness.

The team at Holland Health Coaching would like to make this effort easier for you–or for your favorite home cook!

Hang this Shopping List Pad on your fridge and it becomes simple to write out the groceries you need. This list is organized by food groups. As you fill in your shopping list, it’s easy to see that your nutrition for the week ahead is covered. Because of this, it is also much easier to do the shopping! Save time twice with this helpful tool.

Self-Care is About More than Food

After you come home from the grocery store, flip your shopping list over and you can create your own Self-Care List for the week ahead! This kind of mindful self-care is a hallmark of Coach Georgianne Holland’s Solution Starter Program for solving Prediabetes and avoiding Type 2 Diabetes.

Mindfulness about Our Nourishment is Healing

Research tells us that a mindful approach to our food each day is healthy. “Kristeller and others say mindfulness helps people recognize the difference between emotional and physical hunger and satiety and introduces a “moment of choice” between the urge and eating.” Harvard Health Letter

Making Food Shopping Choices for the Week Ahead

This two-sided Shopping List and Self-Care List is ideal for everyone who wants to save time and take great care of their precious life. By this, I mean that the Self-Care List and the Shopping List work together for your benefit.


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Designed by Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland and sold exclusively at Holland Health Coaching.





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