Healthy Plate Planning Pad (30 sheets) with Magnet


When you look in your fridge and pantry to make something to eat, do you envision a healthy plate of food? Can you see in your mind’s eye how lovely a balanced plate of wholesome food would look: a meal made from the groceries you bought just days ago? Maybe this sounds too time-consuming or out of your normal habits. Today, my friend, you could make cooking health-promoting meals a much easier part of your life.

Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland has created for her Solution Starter clients the Build Your Healthy Plate planning tool. It pairs beautifully with her Shopping List Pad, and both can be hung on the fridge to inspire every cook in your household.


Healthy Plate Planning tool now comes in a convenient pad of 30 for your Fridge!

Meal planning may not be your expertise…yet!

Meal planning can be easy! This pad of 30 forms, Build your Healthy Plate is a magnet for your fridge. It’s a colorful way to get great at meal planning and creating balanced meals at home. Each circle on this tool is numbered to represent a food category. As you begin thinking about dinner, this tool helps you fill out a sheet and create balance in your diet.

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Are You a Beginning Home Cook?

This meal plan encouragement is great for those who already love to cook and eat at home, yet know they need to broaden their food choices. It’s also a wonderful way for a beginning home cook to learn how to create balanced, healthy meals!

Are your Kids Learning to Cook?

Share this tool with your kids and teach them how to eat a colorful meal today! Research tells us that when we teach kids to cook and help them feel comfortable planning meals, they become healthier adults.


Everyone at Holland Health Coaching is in support of your dream for robust health!

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Designed by Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland and sold exclusively at Holland Health Coaching.



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