inner voiceWhen you listen to your inner voice, what do you hear?

Is your dialogue with yourself upbeat or critical? When do you most often talk to yourself, and what does that inner voice want to express? After a fitful night of sleep recently, I spent some time writing down my feelings. Can you relate to this?

“The real you is vulnerable, and that is ideal. To be most effective in this mission, turn not to others first, but listen to your own voice and your own soul. Release the energy of Should, Would, Could from your heart. Perfection and Pleasing Others are a mask that may keep a boundary, and you may not need that boundary any longer. To be vulnerable is to be open as you stay true to yourself. Can you be curious about how your life is blossoming, nourishing, and celebrating? Freedom means feeling deep gratitude about that which you were created to be, do and share. Trust your intuition.”

Would you like some science to back up your talkative self?

Hearing our inner voice is a common experience and a useful part of healthy living. As reported in Science Daily, Alexa Tullett, Ph.D. and Associate Psychology Professor Michael Inzlicht, both at UTSC, recently created experimental tests to determine if people perform better when they listen to their inner voice.

“It’s always been known that people have internal dialogues with themselves, but until now, we’ve never known what an important function they serve,” says Tullett. “This study shows that talking to ourselves in this ‘inner voice’ actually helps us exercise self-control and prevents us from making impulsive decisions.”

So our inner voice has a role to play and life skills to support us:

  • It can help us nourish our self-esteem
  • Think through our feelings and what we would like to express from our heart or intuition
  • It also can help us avoid impulsive behavior

What other kinds of voice or conversation do you hear running in the background of life?

I can hear the big voice of health in our country and the world. Can you? Humanity is speaking up and this conversation is something I literally hear and on a regular basis. I am attuned to this message; it matters to me. I hear women talking about health and wellness in the coffee shop as I sit quietly, reading my novel. Students in the movie theater smuggle in the junk food they have chosen not to buy and instead have smuggled in their own, more healthy food. I see huge press coverage on the topics of health care, pharmaceuticals, the latest diet books, and new research on wellness routines. Do you hear a running conversation about health and wellness in the world?

inner voice of wisdomHere’s an example of what I am hearing.

At a recent coffee break at an event I attended, those around me were making conversation. The talk turned to those in the circle with aging parents, and how they are seeing first hand what issues face those who either did or did not take good care of themselves in past years, and how these four women felt they are left to help their parents navigate the good and bad consequences of these choices.

Will their money last their whole life span?

Can their insurance coverage enable them to receive the needed medical care?

Am I on a similar trajectory as my beloved mother?

These questions and more are a loud part of the wellness discussion voiced by men and women in communities all around America. Whenever I hear the voices of those around me on the topic of wellness (or the lack of wellness), I feel passionate about helping myself and others understand positive actions that can begin at home and self-caring attitudes we can all use to fully thrive in our precious time here on earth.

So what shall we do?

How can we turn to our inner voices first and then use that centered space to reach out? My inner voice reminds me that I am a woman seeking wellness. It also reminds me I am in a community of kindness, and I know myself to be a creator of life built on the foundation of self-care and compassion. We can all listen to the still, small positive voices of our wise relatives, too. I will listen to what others are saying and be grateful for the shared wisdom of all those who are part of this health conversation.

Do you dream about thriving or do you wake yourself up at night, restless to understand a situation that seems to be out of your control? Do you listen to your inner voice and let it enable you to be less impulsive, choose self-care over self-critique, and speak up in ways that are valuable? I encourage you to capture your inner voice as part of this dynamic conversation and be part of the new wellness consciousness that is all around us. We can learn to do better on a simple, daily basis, in the comfort of our own homes. And when we do learn and take action in this way, we can pass this energy along to countless others.