Many of the women I know are spending time and energy on slowing down the aging process – or at least trying to.

agingMany scientists believe that the aging process is caused by the gradual buildup of a huge number of individually tiny faults – some damage to a DNA strand here, a deranged protein molecule there, and so on.

Aging and longevity are not about faults in our appearance–that self-talk can be set aside. The tiny faults we need to understand is the degenerative buildup internally. The length of our lives is regulated by the balance between how fast new damage strikes our cells and how efficiently this damage is corrected. The body’s mechanisms to maintain and repair our cells are wonderfully effective, which is why we live as long as we do, but these mechanisms are not perfect. Some of the damage passes unrepaired and accumulates as the days, months and years pass by. We age because our bodies are not always good at housekeeping!

“Under the pressure of natural selection to make the best use of scarce energy supplies, our species gave higher priority to growing and reproducing than to living forever.” Thomas Kirkwood

The gift we can give to ourselves whenever we think about aging is a renewed enthusiasm for creating a high-nutrition lifestyle. When you or I are at a loss for how we can shop for, prepare, and enjoy the Perfect Diet – which isn’t one static thing that all people can copy – there is one simple and straight-forward step to take: take a daily quality nutritional supplement. When our bodies are given a consistent supply of the macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients, fiber, clean water, rest, and the activity they need, our aging process is gracefully supported.

Here’s what I do: After five years of experimentation, I have settled on one simple supplement protocol that works for me because it efficiently heals damage at the cellular level. There are many brands and formulations to choose from, and I am supportive of your ability to know and trust your own experience.