happinessHow happy and creative are you? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…how does that work for you?

Many of us wake up in the morning looking for happiness, knowing it to be an important state of mind, and the pursuit of it is something we are passionate about. Many of us also feel unhappy if we have no time for creativity.

Happiness. Have you ever taken time to reflect on how and when your happiness is most present? I consider my happiness to be something I make, not something that happens to me when I’m lucky. Does that mean I need to be creative about my happiness?

Generations before us might have considered the pursuit of happiness to be self-indulgent, and I know I’ve met lots of folks who feel like general life-satisfaction feelings are not something they want to talk about. I’d like to contrast that belief system with the one I often experience when talking to young adults today. There are many Millennials who practice and preach the “Find your bliss!” lifestyle and they feel completely comfortable in this self-directed space. Where do you fall in this range of efforts between Quiet Acceptance and Actively Seeking?

I was pleased to come across a video that helps us use our creativity to explore the feelings of happiness, along with other elements to living that provide meaning, like our relationships, our beloved families and tribes, and our ability to self-reflect. Have you ever used your own creativity to explore emotions or process past experiences? Here’s the video I found from the folks at SoulPancake.

In my health coaching practice, we are often making art as we talk, and we are not alone! Have you seen the new offerings in the publishing world around Adult Coloring Books and all kinds of creative experiences designed to help people of all ages destress and rejuvenate? I know from my roles as a parent, teacher, coach, and an adult, that there are specific and measurable benefits to creativity as a lifestyle or new favorite hobby.

happinessThere is also new science that tells us when we stimulate certain parts of our brain through creativity, we are better able to make sound decisions and solve important problems. When that particular part of the brain is “turned on,” our focus is greatly increased. This part of our subconscious mind is there to help us excel and soar! People of many faith traditions agree that this soaring energy may be divine ~ “Life as entered into you, and with it, the irresistible impulse to create.”

If you are interested in learning more about Art Therapy and creative ways to pursue happiness in your life and home, I invite you to let me hear from you. If you live in Colorado, I want to recommend to you my favorite art therapist Michelle Fox. She can offer you a lovely creative time, like the one in the Soul Pancake video, at Embodied Art Studio. Check it out! There’s always happy people gathering there.