Cuisine: Vegetarian

Basic Brown Rice

My digestive system needs fiber, and I'll bet yours does, too! Complex carbs like brown rice are filling and do not spike your blood sugar like simple carbs. Enjoy some brown rice everyday to stay regular, feel full, and create a lovely foundation for your vegetables and proteins.

Brown Basmati Pilaf

You can dress up this simple recipe with vegetables, your favorite seasonings, or leftover proteins for a quick main dish!

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Cauliflower Couscous

This cauliflower recipe is a great substitution for grains at lunch or dinner. Add some leftover protein for a complete meal.

Soothing Shiitake Gravy

Shiitake mushrooms contain a substance called eritadenine, which encourages body tissues to absorb cholesterol and lower the amount circulating in the blood.

Basic Chickpeas in a Pressure Cooker

Chickpeas are in the legume family. They are a great source of plant-based protein! Chickpeas are the basis of most hummus. This recipe can be used in your own homemade hummus.

Apple Salsa

You've eaten salsa hundreds of times. Now you can try a salsa that is fresh and colorful! Not just for corn chips, this salsa makes a great topping to roasted meats or buffalo burgers in the summertime.

Avocado Dip

Snacks are often eaten on the run, but when you have the chance to make something fresh and sit down to fully enjoy it, I recommend this easy Avocado Dip with crisp vegetables.

Golden Gravy

If you are enjoying meatless Mondays or cooking for vegetarians, this delicious gravy recipe is a great find! The warm golden brown color from the onions along with the silky texture will make your next mashed potatoes or casserole recipe for a special occasion.