Cooking Method: Stovetop Cooking

Basic Brown Rice

My digestive system needs fiber, and I'll bet yours does, too! Complex carbs like brown rice are filling and do not spike your blood sugar like simple carbs. Enjoy some brown rice everyday to stay regular, feel full, and create a lovely foundation for your vegetables and proteins.

Basic Polenta

What is polenta? This international grain is a lovely side dish in our household. Take the time to cook cornmeal grits/polenta at home and avoid the instant variety. Polenta is sometimes eaten with maple syrup. A common dish in the cuisine of the Southern United States is grits, with the difference that grits are usually made from cooked, coarsely ground, corn kernels (ground hominy). Polenta is similar to boiled maize dishes of Mexico, where both maize and hominy originate. I like Bob's Red Mill Organic Corn Grits/Polenta.

Brown Basmati Pilaf

You can dress up this simple recipe with vegetables, your favorite seasonings, or leftover proteins for a quick main dish!

Coconut Brown Rice

We eat yummy oatmeal yet sometimes want something new. This coconut brown rice is a great morning meal!

Artichoke with Dipping Sauce

My sister-in-law taught me how to prepare artichokes. I always feel fancy when I serve them!

Late Summer Corn Salad

This easy side salad is colorful and healthy. Each cob of corn ranks at 55 on the glycemic index. Play with the ratio of corn to other vegetables to lower the GI of each serving.

Soothing Shiitake Gravy

Shiitake mushrooms contain a substance called eritadenine, which encourages body tissues to absorb cholesterol and lower the amount circulating in the blood.

Delicious Stovetop Popcorn

Healthy people often have a shortlist of snacks they enjoy. This popcorn is on mine! I prefer not to eat popcorn that's been packaged in microwavable pouches with mystery chemicals.

Adzuki Squash Stew

Squash season is very generous here in Colorado. This simple stew recipe includes great fiber from my favorite adzuki beans. Enjoy!

Chicken Ginger Soup

If anyone in my family has a cold or stuffy nose, this delicious soup recipe helps. When I have fresh, whole wheat bread, this soup always comes to mind. You'll like it!