Category: Breakfasts

Coconut Brown Rice

We eat yummy oatmeal yet sometimes want something new. This coconut brown rice is a great morning meal!

Almond Pancakes

A regular, white flour pancake has a glycemic index of 67. These almond pancakes use oat or whole wheat flour, so they're not for Keto followers. Give them a try! A balance of protein, fat, and quality high-fiber carbs is the Solution Starter for Prediabetes way.

Easy Homemade Granola

It's nice to have a healthy choice for breakfast — especially on a busy day! This make-ahead recipe lasts for weeks in the fridge. It's high in protein and fiber. The coconut adds to the healthy fat content. A real winner!

Slow-Cooked Happiness Breakfast

It's fun to make a slow-cooker or crockpot of steel-cut oats on the weekend. I like dried fruit in mine. Everyone in your household can easily scoop out a serving from the fridge and warm it up. How happy!