Home Goods

Building new habits is easier when we attach our new way of thinking to a long-standing behavior. That is the idea behind these home goods with words of encouragement from Coach Georgianne. As you fill your cup this morning, think about the day ahead and your Think > Act > Persevere > Succeed opportunities. Your morning cup of tea or coffee just got real.

Research teaches us that we can attach old behaviors, like drinking coffee at dawn, to new behaviors, like writing in our Food & Activity Journal. Think about the last time you decided not to brush your teeth. Right?! We can make our health habits as solid as this tooth brushing situation. That is the foundation behind Coach Georgianne’s Home Goods collection for Solution Starter!

Choose a home goods item from the growing list below and start your solution to whatever lifestyle upgrade you’d like to create. These items can break into the thinking patterns of everyone who uses and enjoys your kitchen today! And besides, they are pretty, too!

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