Active Wear

Active wear designed by Coach Georgianne for the Solution Starter Community! Prediabetes and weight management are important to you. 150 minutes each week of activity…that’s the goal! Here are some clothing options for your active lifestyle. This colorful clothing is fun and easy-to-wash which makes it perfect clothing for our busy lives. Whether you exercise at the gym, at home, or on vacation, it’s nice to have clothes that feel soft and fit great!

The hoodies are a wonderful active wear item 365 days a year. Layer one on top of a moisture-wicking t-shirt and enjoy your brisk morning walk. If you and your friends exercise together, it’s fun to have different outfits to wear, and not just the same old college t-shirt every day. Besides, you are proud of the hard work you are doing to manage your weight and move more!

My personal favorite item in the activewear line is the Focus on the Good long-sleeved t-shirt. When we focus on the good, that can mean exciting things for every person. What is your focus today? Some of my clients want to focus on fitness skills and setting a personal-best record this month. Other clients are happy to make their exercise habits more consistent.

What is important to you as a woman seeking wellness? Let’s spread the word! Our health is homemade.

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