Your Personalized Wellness Plan for 2020

Do you have a wellness plan that’s about to be trashed over the holidays? For instance, there will be cookies and luncheons at work for the next 5+ weeks. Or, you are hosting at least one stress-filled family gathering. Does it feel like you’re supposed to indulge in the family-favorite cheat foods now?

“Now is a good time to cut yourself some slack.”

wellness planMaking excuses about our eating and exercise habits is common enough year-round. Lapses in our healthy habits are quite enjoyable during the holiday time of the year. I know I dig in with glee as I face my brother’s fantastic Thanksgiving buffet table!

What should women seeking wellness do to both enjoy the holidays and continue on their healthy path?

A Wellness Plan Bedtime Story

If you’ve worked at upgrading your food choices and exercise habits in 2019, the end-of-the-year party circuit feels stressful. Pulling on your favorite holiday flannel pajamas, you gently feel emotions about egg nog and sugar cookies. As you settle in for a quiet evening at home, wouldn’t it be great to have a plan for getting back on the wellness track in the new year? Let’s turn around any feelings of food dread now by focusing on the Nourishment and Transformation skills you’ve been building all year long.

Five Key Steps for Building a Year-Round Personalized Wellness Plan…Including Cookies and Nog!

1. Forgive yourself for past behaviors using helpful ‘self-talk’

As a diabetes educator, I can confirm that what often needs to change for those with prediabetes is how they use Self-Talk as a way to create their lifestyle turning point. We can all begin by thinking about how we talk to our close circle of friends and loved ones. We would never tell another person “I can’t stand to look at you!” and yet, we might say that very thing to ourselves in the mirror every morning.

When we choose to soften our self-talk and think about ways we are lovable, we can reframe our ideas about coping with stress.  We are choosing a new lifestyle that can be sustained.

Please understand that the food industry preys on emotional eaters who have used food in the past to calm down. Your food life does not have to be manipulated like this. You can eat in healthy ways without developing a “fear of food” mentality.

2. Review your core Primary Food Skills

What is Primary Food? When our basic needs of shelter, food, and safety are satisfied, people hunger for more: we seek to play, have fun, touch our loved one’s hand. We find meaning in achievement, career success, self-expression, adventure, and spirituality. All of these elements of life are essential forms of nourishment, and the extent to which we are able to add them into our daily lives determines how enjoyable and worthwhile our lives feel. They also determine how we choose to take care of our bodies.

Some people don’t give primary food the attention it deserves, and this causes stress. Eating is often used as a stress-relief tool. When we use secondary food as a way to ease or suppress our hunger for primary food, the body and mind suffer. You can learn more about the Primary Food Skills I teach online.

3. Enlist a friend or two who can become your self-care team

A wellness plan for 2020 can remain a closely guarded secret. Every time you bite into a cookie, mashed potatoes, or holiday pie, you can remind yourself that your self-care plan for 2020 is right around the corner. You could also ask key people in your life to join your 2020 self-care team.

Before I became a health coach, I was sickly, exhausted, overweight, and lonely. I had to ask for help before I could change any of these things. The vibrancy that I now enjoy happened because many compassionate people reached out a hand and helped me to succeed — my team appeared. I want to witness your journey and give you the benefit of these self-care skills! I also believe you know other women who will stand with you in the new year ahead. Enlist them and create a self-care team before the end of 2019!

4. Hold yourself accountable with S.M.A.R.T. goals

The month of December is a great time to think again about the goals you hold dear. None of us need to reinvent the method for goal achievement. Professional goal coaches have a proven method we can all adopt for our success! The SMART Goals Technique is very helpful and easy to follow. I’m happy to share with you a free worksheet for SMART goal setting in the Resources below. As you think about your 2020 wellness plan, hold yourself accountable. Print out several copies of this worksheet today.

5. Transform your environment for the new year

If you share your home with children, you can create an environment that helps kids build healthy habits every day. If you live alone or with other adults, it’s still important to think about how it feels to walk through your front door. Do you have easy access to health-promoting food and activities? Is your home free of toxins? Creating a healthy home environment is an ongoing project for many of us. How can your home space become a foundation for your wellness in 2020?

Wellness Plan Help from Coach Georgianne

If you would like to receive more personalized wellness plan help, I have a few options to share today. 

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