The dietary changes you’re making should not feel restrictive, overwhelming or hard to live with.

Many Americans have grown up on processed foods instead of whole foods–I know I sure did! Improving health through better food choices is a change you may have been thinking about.

Eating more whole foods may be a big change for you, so take it a step at time. Pick 1 or 2 changes to make now and once those are in place, pick 1 or 2 more. This is the best way to make it part of a lifestyle change and something you can totally live with. ~ Coach Georgianne

Transitioning to a healthier way of eating may seem daunting so here are some tips to keep in mind:

 whole foods1. Eat vegetables at every meal. Think salads, side dishes, soups, or even adding veggies to your sandwich or wrap.

2.  When you are having a craving for something sweet, opt for some fruit to satisfy your craving.

3.  When you eat meat, it’s best to choose organic, grass fed, and hormone-free so you get the maximum nutrients without the harmful pesticides residue, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

4.  Fill your pantry with healthy food choices that are ready to eat and go. Snacks like nuts, seeds, Lara Bars or fruit are good for ‘grab and go’.

5. Never leave the house without food if you’ll be gone for more than 2 hours. Remember eating healthy foods on a regular basis will help you avoid unhealthy choices. Make up some of your own trail mix (avoid ready-made trail mix as most of them have hydrogenated oils and other undesirable, processed ingredients) or bring a small cooler to keep in the car.

6.  Most importantly, don’t be too rigid and remember that making small changes over time will make a huge difference in your wellness. Seeing these improvements will make the changes easier to stick to!