sugarAre you interested in cutting back on white sugar and learning to cook with other sweeteners?

That was my goal in 2013 when the toll of junky carbs was adding up in my body.

In 2013 I needed some sugar help! As I changed the impact of my own diet, I studied in Massachusetts to receive Food as Medicine credentials as a wonderful new addition to my holistic health coaching practice. I have learned that many wellness-seekers are thinking about the impact of sugary foods, and I am thrilled to share the following delicious prescription with you!

If you are hooked on sugar it may be damaging your health, as well as your self-esteem. Did you know that preparing most of your food at home can be therapeutic? I know that home-cooked meals are time-consuming, yet doing so gives us so much more power over the added sugar in our diet. When we learn to cook with sweeteners other than white sugar, we can feel better as well as look better!

Have you ever noticed that by limiting the sweets you eat, you feel somewhat deprived? Those who often turn to sweetened foods enjoy the release of feel-good chemicals in our brain. The food manufacturers know that this feel-good reaction happens, so they put sugar into most foods. Even foods that don’t taste sweet!

The first step in receiving sugar help is to try a little experiment at home.

It’s fun to experiment with some of the natural sweeteners that are less stimulating to mood and blood sugar. Here is my chart of natural sweetener substitutions for white sugar. This chart is part of the Solution Starter Workbook for Prediabetes! Print out this chart for your fridge and experiment with naturally sweet options at home.

sugar and holistic health


Coach Georgianne’s Sugar Help Tips

Most kinds of syrup work well in moist baked goods but will soften crispy baked goods like biscotti or cookies. Experiment with these conversions, as they may vary from recipe to recipe. If you would like to try more recipes from Holland Health Coaching’s recipe box, you can find more here! I also invite you to comment below with your results…I’d love to try your favorite healthy baking recipe!

If you’d like to learn more about the added sugar in processed foods, it would be helpful to become a food-label pro. Learn more about the info on your favorite packaged food brands here.