prediabetesPrediabetes is a wake-up call. Are you on the path to Type 2 Diabetes?

If this topic interests you, there is a good chance that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with and is suffering from Prediabetes.

Commonly referred to as “adult-onset diabetes,” the rates of children being diagnosed with this condition has begun to skyrocket. Do you know why? With prediabetes and Type 2, the pancreas is still capable of producing insulin, but the cells in the body are less responsive to it. If your lifestyle, or the habits of someone you love, is reducing cellular response to insulin, there are empowering steps you can take at home.

The maintenance of blood sugar is controlled by the hormonal system of the body. That system is interconnected with many other vital body control systems. Did you know that because of this interconnectedness, when the body is being damaged by diabetes, the organs and entire hormonal system are also being impacted?

If you have prediabetes (like 86 million other Americans), your blood sugar (glucose) level is higher than it should be, but not in the diabetic range. People sometimes call this borderline diabetes. My role as a holistic health coach is to help my clients feel more Hope and less despair when they are diagnosed with prediabetes!

Did you know that you can take action to lower the health risks associated with insulin problems? Your top 3 tools to remain hopeful about your health and healing are pretty straight-forward, but they can be hard to follow-through on because you and your entire family may have fallen into lifestyle habits that promote prediabetes instead of preventing it. Would you like support in understanding and creating a homemade health plan for prediabetes? Here is a preview of the tools I offer my clients.

Hopeful Tool One: Take the consistent steps needed to reach your healthy body weight. Each of us is different both biologically and temperamentally, so your best plan will be tailored to you. Do you spend significant time trying all the tips and tricks that help other people maintain their weight? Today is the time to honor your own body and how it best works. Know that if you are overweight, your prediabetes is more likely to develop into Type 2 Diabetes. You do not need to be alone in this effort!

Hopeful Tool Two: Become vigilant about moving your body for 30 minutes every day. Studies show that aerobic activities like brisk walking, swimming, or cycling help manage blood sugar. There are some kinds of exercise you truly don’t like. What about you? There are other kinds that feel more like play than work. What kind of exercise are you willing to do on a regular basis? Regular exercise also helps us to reduce stress, and that makes a huge difference when we are transforming our habits!

Hopeful Tool Three: Understand what are in the food items you most often eat. Are you a label reader or a label avoider? Can you describe starchy carbs and do you know which common American foods contain the most hidden sugars? Becoming aware about what is inside of the food you buy at the grocery store is a helpful tool, and with a little practice, you can easily and quickly make more informed buying choices! Would it help you to know that eating too much sugar isn’t a display of low self-control? The food industry has hidden sugar in common foods, and you can learn how to stop being force-fed unhealthy ingredients.

It is time to release feelings of despair regarding prediabetes. Feeling hopeful when we are diagnosed with a chronic illness is a great starting point. If you are hopeful by nature, I have every confidence that you will rebound from this situation as you put into place homemade health strategies. If you are not hopeful by nature, my wish for you is that you plug into the growing community of others on this Prediabetes path at We Are Women At Wellness online. Support from those who are a little further down this path can help you to shake off the label of “chronically ill” and feel empowerment about choosing your own new direction!


I’m proud to announce the launch of my new Solution Starter for Prediabetes Program! We are now accepting enrollments in this year-long, community-strong program. If you would like to become a member in this innovative, online program, I invite you to learn more about why I am so passionate about your health and well being.

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