slow cooker recipes

It is easy and delicious to prep meals for your slow-cooker one day and then feed your family all week long!

Slow cooker recipes are perfect for my lovely clients who tell me lots of reasons why they cannot cook healthy meals at home.

The most frequent reasons are how often their fresh produce has gone “bad” or why they do not like all the food prep at the end of a long day.

I get it! Slow cooker recipes have been my saving grace. I have been a mom with primary kitchen duties for over 33 years and when you add up all the other responsibilities of an active life, for some of us, cooking dinner is often left for the pizza delivery guy to handle.

What if I told you I have a better plan, and with healthy slow cooker recipes, one weekly grocery store run (which you would have to do anyway) and two hours of active kitchen time, you and your family will eat nutritious and delicious dinners throughout the week? That seems to solve most of the roadblocks you may face!

Here is the upside

None of the fresh produce and protein you carefully shop for will go idle in your fridge because you are too busy to work with it! This is convenience food at its best – you make sure all of the ingredients are fresh, nutritious and toxin-free!

When you implement this holistic health coach-approved 4-step plan, you can seize your amazing day, and when you return home, a delicious hot meal will be ready for you! The leftovers, if there are any, will be a great warm-up for tomorrow. And guess what! You get to feed yourself like this again two more times this week. Life is great!

Fix and Freeze Slow-Cooker Recipes Action Plan in Four Steps

slow cooker recipesUsing the resources below, find three recipes your family would enjoy. Print out or write out the recipes.







STEP ONE: Print out or write out the food items needed. Add them to your grocery list.

STEP TWO: Go to the grocery store and shop for your three recipes (as well as the rest of your list). This will take about an hour of active time.

STEP THREE: Set aside One Hour to Assemble the Freezer Bags for the Week Ahead.
Using the recipes you chose, in labeled resealable freezer bags, layer ingredients in order listed on each recipe. Close each bag, ensuring a tight seal. Write the cooking directions directly on each bag. Freeze for up to 2 months.

STEP FOUR: While drinking your morning tea, when you anticipate a long day ahead, select the Fix and Freeze Meal of your choice from your trusty freezer. Take your slow-cooker out of the cupboard. Determine whether you will run it for 4-9 hours prior to dinnertime (based on what your freezer bag label says), or use your slow-cookers timer feature so that it turns on at your preferred time later in the day.  Transfer contents of freezer bag to slow-cooker. Take another sip of your tea. Ahh!