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Solution Starter for Prediabetes

Diagnosed with Prediabetes?
You are NOT alone. Click here...


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Welcome to Nestle And Soar Press

Nestle And Soar Press develops and distributes high-quality, educational materials about health and wellness that are designed to help readers soar, thrive and live their lives to the fullest.

nestle and soar press historynestle and soar press logoPublisher Georgianne Holland was raised by entrepreneurial parents who founded their own successful publishing company in 1969. George and Bonnie Leman, along with their seven children, operated Leman Publications for more than 40 years in Colorado, creating popular instructional magazines and books for quilt lovers worldwide. Honoring this family legacy, Georgianne has leveraged her passion for health and self-care to create a library of valuable materials that educate, inspire, and empower women nationwide.


Nestle And Soar Press Publications include:

Comprehensive Workbook for those who are conquering their Prediabetes (Solution Starter for Prediabetes)

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Food & Activity Journal (Solution Starter for Prediabetes)

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A Crash Course on Carbs (FREE Digital Download)

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Homemade Health (FREE Monthly E-Newsletter)

Charts & Guidelines for Health Living (FREE Digital Downloads)

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The Workbook and Journal are available for purchase through our online store, and a wide range of free publications can be found in our Resources Library.

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