30-Day Habit-Building Accountability Coaching

Coaching Means You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

If there ever was a year when building healthy habits was important, it’s 2021. 

THE DOORS ARE NOW OPEN — 1 Habit, 30 Days, Make #*it Happen

Want to make healthy upgrades to your lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone! “How do I build healthy habits?” is a very common question.

That’s why Holland Health Coaching is launching a NEW 30-Day Accountability Coaching Package for everyone hoping to be well and feel supported in their 2021 success.

Realize your resolutions!

What kind of habits do you want to adopt or change in 2021? No matter your focus, it’s ideal to have a a professional accountability partner on your team who guides without judgment.

You need a person who sees how hard you’ve tried in the past to start habits or make habit changes. A person who trusts your ability to start fresh. She’ll cheer you on with objective, day-to-day confidence that’s sure to help.

Trained as a Holistic Health Coach, I’ll be your Accountability Partner so you build those healthy habits you’ve been thinking about.

During this 30-day program, I’ll be here by your side, cheering you on. This time, you can make it happen! The habit you choose is up to you. When we talk one-on-one at the beginning of your program, you’ll make your habit choice. Building this one SPECIFIC habit will be a Focus on the Good experience that has meaning in your life.

Our habits help us achieve goals. Maybe you want to avoid sugar and eat more produce every day? Maybe it’s time to become a non-smoker? Or, maybe you’d like to drop some bad habit gained during a very stressful 2020? No matter what you choose, I’m behind you 100%!

Here’s what I know: Everyone has worked hard in the past on health habits. We know that our habits help us achieve goals. Yet, sustainable success in habit building is more frustrating than joy. I used to suck at building habits that stick. After I hired a professional accountability coach (for thousands of dollars!) everything changed. Now I’m ready to step in and share the success with you!

I liked the simplicity of this program. My life’s been overwhelming and being a part of this program was like a little travel back in time when everyone was helpful and colorful stickers were enough to lift my mood! I’ve also lost 15 pounds, so there’s that…

DANEAN S., Colorado

What’s on your wellness wishlist?

Think about your real hopes for this year…Is it time to get fit in sustainable ways…even if the gym is closed? Is overwhelm or stress damaging your former healthy living habits? Many people have given up on planning or achieving goals during the past 12 months—is this happening to you? Take a moment or two and write down your most important health habit goals or concerns.

Wondering how to begin?

If making changes in 2021 feels more tricky than ever, and you don’t know how to start—you’re not alone!

I created this 30-day package because I’ve been where you likely are now: I’ve lived deep inside the land of Good Intentions where the main roads are called Guilt, Shame, Procrastination, and Deep Regret.

When it’s easier to live in this land and stay the same—even when that ‘same’ feels awful—it’s time to ask for support. It’s time to make a new decision.

For me, it’s BETTER to get the support of a compassionate pro who’s objective and reliable than it is to call Mary Sue from grade school who lives 5 miles away on Procrastination Avenue. Hiring a pro is my choice over being embarrassed to ask Mary Sue to hold my hand and make me do better…or Just Do It. Can you relate?

I mean, I love you Mary Sue…you’re a great friend. But I’m ready for pro support. I’m ready to make #*it happen!

So, I created this package for everyone who would also appreciate having the reliable help they need Privately Delivered without judgment. I’ve created this package for the kind of people who’d like that help delivered directly to their phone, tablet, and email inbox.

You can count on me to offer the accountability, clarity, science-backed tools, objectivity, and mindset needed to BUILD one life-changing habit.

So, let’s just say the habit you’ve chosen is to give

up eating so many darn cookies…

Ohhh…lots of cookies!

The cookies aren’t really the point now, are they?

I mean, you can create the habit of eating things other than cookies.

I’ll help you do just that! But it’s never just about the cookies…

What you’ll receive when you enroll in this package is Mastery Over Ingrained Automatic Habits

In just 30 days, you can begin to become an artful creator of transformational change. And that’s a big way of saying we can deliberately create ways of being—habits—that are important to build and count on. We can begin to learn that kind of transformational change behavior doing something straight-forward like dropping the cookies; that’s a great dress rehearsal for ALL THE FUTURE habit change experiences we’d like to take on!

Let’s build healthy habits that support ALL of you

Health habits are so important because every human has primary areas of life that nourish them. Even as we know this, many of us have habits that are damaging our bodies or keeping us in a position of self-doubt or stuck in feelings of shame. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone can take an important step toward habit-change mastery. 

habit building, #habit

Creating a new healthy balance

I’ve taught thousands over the past decade the Core Lesson of Primary Nourishment. Every area of our life moving forward can help us reach our full potential. It’s best when there’s a balance between all the areas. This Nourishment Menu shows some of those primary nourishment lifestyle areas. Giving sustainable attention to each of these areas is one way to describe ‘holistic health.’ 

Think about balance this way

Maybe you’re already great at creating a home life you love! But maybe you’re not so great at Eating Healthy, Stress Management, or finding ways to Relax. We all have areas of strength and areas of weakness.

Over the course of 30 days, you can choose what you want to work on with private encouragement from me, your personal Holistic Health Coach. This 30-Day package is your chance to rejuvenate your brilliant life with holistic health nourishment.

I didn’t want just another book to read about habits…I want accountability help in real-time so I can follow through.

Jade S., Colorado

Here’s how Option 1 works

Click the link below to enroll today!

I’ll reach out to you by email right away…

You’ll receive:

  • Enrollment Start Date/Receipt from Coach Georgianne
  • List of possible health-related habits you can choose from or instructions for designing your own specific habit
  • Schedule your Private 30-Minute Zoom or Phone Call from Coach Georgianne
  • Receive your Starting Video called Core Habit-Building Lessons
  • As your program progresses, you’ll receive 8 Personalized Accountability Text Messages from the Coach over 30-Days
  • You’ll Stay on Track with 5 Take-Action Emails from the Coach [one every 6 days]
  • On day 31 of your program, you’ll receive a Mindset Meditation MP3 from Coach Georgianne. This audio recording will help you cope with those tricky times when giving up your new habit seems easier than staying strong and confident.

Some of you want to enroll in this Habit-Building Package and ALSO receive ALL of Coach Georgianne’s bonuses; all the Bells & Whistles!

Here’s how Option 2 works

Click the link below to enroll in the Option 2 Program AND you’ll receive All the Bells & Whistles!

I’ll reach out to you by email right away…

You’ll receive everything in Option #1 PLUS:

  • A copy of Coach Georgianne’s Focus on the Good Journal | 100 pages, 6″ x 9″ size, spiral-bound, 2 sticker sheets, accountability worksheets for the 30-day program
  • One “I Love My Body” Mirror Image Message | clings to the bathroom mirror so that every day you can build body confidence and practice self-care
  • An additional VIP Mindset/Meditation MP3 | Coach Georgianne has recorded a special guided meditation recording available ONLY as a bonus in this option 2!
  • The normal price of these 3 bonus items | $80
  • Remember: You receive EVERYTHING in Option 1 along with 4 bonus items when you choose the Bells and Whistles version of this 30-Day program!

… when you’re ready, reevaluate what else you can do. Find another unwanted behavior to remove that meets the criteria of something you can give up for life that you wouldn’t really miss. For me, after I kicked candy corn to the curb, I decided to never again have sugary carbonated drinks in my home. 

Behavioral Scientist, Nir Eyal

Let’s make 2021 THE YEAR!

Are you ready for a new start? In just 30 days you can build that healthy habit you’ve been wanting to start on for so long. Let’s make 2021 THE YEAR of TRANSFORMATION!

I look forward to working with you-

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Not sure how to start?

Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland.

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