Well-being and social media platforms don’t sound like an obvious pairing, right?

In 2020, many of us had to cancel our in-person health and wellness activities. We missed out on routine doctor’s appointments, our yoga class, monthly massage, and our cups of tea with friends by the park. Our well-being from the perspective of personal growth and friend relationships suffered. And certainly, much suffering of all kinds was experienced around the world, as well. Many of us used much more social media—and not in a good way. We did it to distract ourselves.

For today’s post, I’m looking at using social media for self-care and seeking well-being practices moving forward. Is it time for you to make new wellness routines? When people believe that their personal needs are being met, they develop a positive outlook. In the before times, we had a variety of ways to do this. For instance, we put our energy into prioritizing our face-to-face relationships, were open to new experiences in the community, and participated as citizens. We celebrated the quality of life we enjoyed and we invested in our growth.

When Society has to Shut Down, Well-Being can Go Virtual

New social media and technology skills had to be learned by both providers and patients/clients. During 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021, health coaches like myself, along with almost everyone in the healthcare field, learned how to provide client and patient services online. Our face-to-face appointments could no longer happen. Our meetings happened over telehealth platforms, our content was emailed or downloaded to our clients. And like most everyone across all professions, Zoom meetings became a popular way to have group conversations with our members. Did you last speak with your own doctor over an online app? I know I did!

Today I’m starting a series of posts to share with you some of the technologies I’ve seen or participated in during my ongoing well-being efforts. In upcoming posts here at We Are Women At Wellness, I will interview a variety of healthcare providers, teachers, and coaches who are now making their expertise and services available using technologies accessed at home.

Yoga Teacher Candi Blossoms using Facebook Live

Candi Pickerell is a little ray of sunshine. Her Gentle Yoga Flow classes can be seen live on Facebook or watched later in replay mode. She has a private group called Yoga with Candi, and you too can join in.

[How to go Live from a Facebook Group.]

Like most of us, Candi was a bit stumped by the tech aspects of teaching online. It’s tricky to feel grounded while also being in charge of the lighting, filming, and audio tasks! And like many of us learning new skills at home, life just keeps happening simultaneously! For instance, she sometimes needs to wrangle her sweet dog, Bree. After a few glitches and surprise, dog-included poses, she’s now settled into a wonderful vibe for remote yoga.

Tantric Hatha Yoga is the type Candi likes to offer. Her teachers at the Hidden Yoga Studio in Niwot, Colorado explain the program they offer to train teachers:

…we’ve designed a training program to incorporate the principles of Vinyasa Flow, Tantra, Vedanta, Hatha, and Ayurveda. The core principle of this training is to move beyond limitations. Juicy, radical, personal transformation through experiential learning. Our name, Sadhana West, says it all: applying the wisdom of the ancient seekers to the modern world. Our goal is to give you the tools to live the most authentic, passionate and abundant life on all levels.

Kitty Moore and Stacie Finucan

Letting Her Audience Teach Her

Candi is a social genius. She’s a very outgoing person and always encourages her students to offer feedback. She learned from her audience that deep breathing and other ways to relieve stress are key to their success. Her followers come from a variety of circumstances, yet each of them needs support in restoring their body and emotional balance. This is important for Candi, too! She knows that the flexibility of teaching online at her convenience is the right path for her right now. Candi has a few physical challenges herself, and she’s very gentle and encouraging to others who also find it difficult to learn at a specific time in a busy yoga studio environment.

Setting an Intention for the Week Provides Powerful Results

Candi explained to me that setting a weekly intention has become an important part of her success—in life and as a yoga teacher. A good life is balanced and whole, and a weekly intention can help us to apply a single intention to different aspects of our lifestyle. Instead of narrowly focusing her intention on solely her yoga life, she applies her weekly intention to her mothering, her stressful day job, her social relationships, and her growth. She’s a teacher who walks her talk.

There was a time in my younger life when I, too, was a single mother with teenagers. Candi and her boys are a very strong unit and she is an inspiration as a mom. She also has big plans for her yoga avocation! Part of Candi’s dream is to master the teaching of yoga using technology so that she can build a Yoga for Veterans and Active-Duty Military Program available nationwide. This patriotic sweetheart is dreaming of ways to serve those who serve the U.S. through their roles, both past, and present.

So if you or someone you love is looking for stress relief and a joyful way to get back in touch with their body, I highly recommend this Facebook Live teacher to you. She lifts us up from the comfort of our homes. You’ll be lifting her up in her larger goal to serve those who serve others. Now that’s a well-being win!

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