holistic health coachMany of us are proud of how we keep a tidy home. The cleanliness of our environment can feel especially important when we notice that the world at large can be polluted and many of our daily destinations feel less than pristine. But are we really in a healthy, or at least neutral, home environment?

How worried should we be about your hormone health and endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) in our home, food, and self-care products?

Hormone health is impacted by EDCs. They can interfere with our estrogen and insulin, and some research now links such interference to early puberty, decreased sperm counts, endometriosis, and hormone-related cancers such as breast, uterine, and thyroid. How has this happened?

It has been reported that many Americans are exposed to over 1,000 kinds of hormone-altering substances as we brush our teeth, inhale car exhaust, touch cash register receipts, and microwave our food in plastic containers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention teach us that 95% of Americans now show detectable levels of BPA, found in some plastics and epoxy resins, in our urine.

How can we protect ourselves? The Environmental Health Perspectives offers a relatively easy 3-Day Protocol. In this three-day effort, eat only fresh, organic foods, and we can significantly reduce urinary levels of BPA. That means skipping all canned foods and foods packaged in plastic containers. Avoid contact between your food and plastics of any sort. Drink your water from stainless steel containers when you’re on the go. That’s a helpful first step!

Other ways we can reduce the hormone-altering substances that are harmful is to

  • Store our leftovers in glass containers instead of plastic.
  • Ask our grocery store clerk for an emailed receipt instead of a paper receipt.
  • Eden Organics is a manufacturer of organic foods in BPA-free cans.
  • Microwave on glass dishes.
  • Avoid pesticides by buying organic produce, especially peaches, apples, grapes and green beans.
  • Don’t use non-stick pans when cooking.
  • Avoid clothing and carpeting that has been treated with a stain- or water-resistant coatings.

I am one of those people who relax by straightening closets and washing windows…so when I first learned about the chemical load that cleaning supplies could add to my household air quality, I had a little pity party, and I’m the only one who showed up! Now I have a good friend, DeDe Dozbaba, who helps me attend to my home-cleaning impulses without chemicals of any kind! DeDe showed me all the benefits of using the Norwex brand of cleaning products, and this is another great way to stay green while you go clean. I invite you to check out the Norwex alternatives with DeDe, too!