Health and Wealth are on the top of most Wish Lists.

Are you concerned about your health and wealth?

Holistic health coaching often includes meaningful conversations about health, wealth, work/life balance, and transforming habits. When my health coaching clients talk about wanting to increase their happiness, after we talk about family priorities and their relationships, we often move into the Health and Wealth discussion. Are you generally happy with your health, or does it feel out of your reach? Do you think about wealth and then quickly start a mental list of why you can never be wealthy? It’s my belief that health and wealth are connected. When we are open to well-being in our bodies and we’re open to a financial life that’s also supportive to our goals, we’re extrememly powerful.

How much of your holistic well-being is dependent on the way you live your day-to-day life?

When I researched the behaviors of those who identify themselves as being wealthy, I noticed that a lot of their day-to-day habits also happen to make them healthy. Do you suppose that when we are able to unhook the mental thought train that starts with “My health and wealth are out of my reach”, we could instead start practicing a more productive train of thought that starts with “I am empowered by my choices today. I choose to give good energy to both my health and wealth.”

“You don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthily, but you do need to make yourself a top priority.” Coach Georgianne

Here are the healthy habits empowered people use on a daily basis. Do any of these work for your life?

1. Feel confident about your Gut Feelings. When empowered people sense that a project or commitment they are involved in is not in their best interest, they walk away with their head held high. Honor your instincts and the value of your time and energy.

2. Strategize Savings. Consider the ways you can save more money, receive matching 401(k) contributions at work, or call in debts owed to you. When we ritualize our savings habit, we tell ourselves that our future is important. It is! And remember, investing in your good health saves a tremendous amount on future spending for poor health.

3. Relax your Brain. At the end of every workday, empowered people make a list before they head for home or turn off their computers. Put down on paper your top priorities for the next day and then let your mind relax as you head into the family, social, rejuvenating part of your day! You will sleep better, too.

4. Steer clear of Empty Calories. When we learn to honor our ability to acquire quality food, we tend to release the need to rely on the grab-and-go, junk food habit. Our valuable life begins with a nourished body. You don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy, but you do need to make yourself a top priority.

5. Be a Social Animal. When you make the time to be face-to-face with friendly people, every part of your body and mind are uplifted. Contrast that to how you feel when you sit in isolation, clicking on “likes” or scrolling through emoticons. Go out into the real world and share your likeable self! You will smile, they will smile, and all of your good energy will make a difference.

Easy Steps to Connect Health and Wealth in Life beginning Now

When I pay attention to my daily efforts, I often notice how connected everything is for me. Is it that way for you, too?

Here’s what I mean. The planning I do in the evening regarding my meals for tomorrow sets up success. My evening efforts are in that way connected to tomorrow’s engergy level. 

When I schedule my annual doctor’s appointment for a convenient time in my calendar, the payoff for me is months away. Yet, the simple step of picking up the phone today supports my health for the entire year ahead!

How can you take some steps today to build and connect your health and wealth for the future? Each of us has different circumstances. All of us can choose to think about our health and wealth as uplifted topics. Here’s another way to express the connection between everything: The way we think leads to our actions. When we persevere in our actions, building a health and wealth lifestyle—refusing to give up—we thrive.

Post-it notes reading 'think,' 'act,' 'persevere' and 'succeed.'

If you have any questions for a friendly health coach, I’m happy to answer you online! Contact me here and I’ll look forward to listening to what’s on your mind.

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