health foodIf health food is on your priority list, and your to-do list is so very long that you’ve run out of time to cook health food, you are in good company!

A recent news report in Colorado informed me about a company in my neighborhood that prepares for busy folks prepackaged health food meals, and I had to give them a try!

Our local news station’s Corey Rose is a healthy, fit and active woman, and she reports that Ready Fit Go [RFG] is her new source of prepackaged health food.

9Health Fair: Do you do meal prep? What are some of your favorite health food?

Corey: I meal prep and I buy healthy food from a company called Ready Fit Go. It’s a great local company that makes super healthy food, ready to go. Just pop in the microwave. On each meal, the carbs, calories, proteins, etc., are listed so you know exactly where you are at. It’s easy to drive through somewhere or grab something fast if you are not prepared when hunger strikes, so I make sure I am always a meal ahead and have it planned.

Following Corey’s health food advice, I visited the Broomfield, Colorado site and found a helpful young man who was excited about the product. I ordered a few of their House Favorites and brought them home to my athlete husband to enjoy. Like with most any prepackaged food, there are winners and losers in the product line, accounting for personal taste, I suppose. The folks at RFG offer a printout showing the macronutrients [proteins, carbs, and fat] in each recipe they prepare.

healthy food

Ready Fit Go provides details

All their food is fresh in the fridge, not frozen, so we needed to eat the five dishes we purchased within three days. That’s not a problem for a two-athlete household, as there’s a lot of eating going on over here. They also have a preorder service, which is really good for the ultra-busy buyer who wants to breeze-in and breeze-out in a flash. Is that you? I think you might like the food from this health food place. If you are dreaming about health food and not making it happen in your own kitchen, this may well be a step in the right direction!

There are other sources of healthy foods and snacks delivered to our homes. Here are a few that I’ve tried and maybe you’ll want to see what they offer for you?

  • Nourish Snacks The registered dietician from the Today Show, Joy Bauer, helped develop this collection of food boxes that are delivered right to your kitchen every month.
  • Naturebox This company is also in the business of creating snacks for delivery on a schedule that works for your household. I liked the size of each snack bag…large enough for sharing!
  • Love With Food The love part of this subscription snack food service is that they give food to a food bank when you order with them. That feels good!
  • Graze The last packaged health food company I’ve found is one I haven’t tried yet. I hear that you tell them what you like, and each month they will mail you portion-controlled combinations of those favorite tastes and flavors. Now, I may sound jaded, but I can see me receiving lots of fudge and apple pie, and that is not a good idea. Aww…it would be delicious!

The next time your gang loads into the kitchen asking, “What’s to eat?” you may have a few new health food options for them to try!