health adviceWhere do you get health advice you trust?

Do you feel great about the health care team you use? Are you hoping to add a few alternative therapies or complimentary techniques to the way you take care of yourself? Do you sometimes think your home environment could be enlivened and truly reflect your personality?

Everyone looking for health advice appreciates a few minutes with an expert. In part four of this blog post, I am introducing you to three health, wellness, and empowerment experts who will be attending the “Ask An Expert” event on September 25th in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. You are invited to join in on this amazing happy hour meet up and receive expert advice from 25 inspirational women! Read on for more information. ~ Coach Georgianne

It can be difficult to get the health advice you need, knowing which expert to trust as you Google their name and ask around at the book club, right? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to meet a wide variety of experts in the fields of health, wellness, home environment, and empowerment — actually meet them in person and ask them a few questions — without being charged for a $250 office visit or appointment?

If building a thriving team is something that matters to you, I invite you to accept my invitation to attend a Special Event that my team here at Holland Health Coaching has created! The first of many “Ask An Expert” events is happening in Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Friday, September 25th from 6-8p.m. This is a special event that you need to register for, and my team will be happy to look for your name on the VIP list at the door. Would you like to join us?

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I’d like to share with you information about three of the Experts who will be available for you to speak with at this special event:

health advice

Rhonda Harris is to home environment what Dr. Andrew Weil is to superior nutrition. With both experts you receive sound advice delivered in a fun, friendly, and transformative manner! Owner of Mile Hi Window Coverings, Rhonda’s expertise doesn’t stop at window-dressing. Her sense of style and color is enhanced with her ability to cut through all the ways your home could enhance your lifestyle and provide you the space to truly relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy time at home!

Rhonda will be available at the Ask An Expert event to help you brainstorm your home environment projects and you can ask her home decor questions of any type–she will have lots of classic and on-trend samples and ideas ready to share.


health advice

Sarah Feinstein of Alpenglow Acupuncture is a breath of fresh air. When you consider that her expertise represents an art/science that is thousands of years old, her modern approach and dynamic personality make the healing experiences in her office delightful. Beyond offering pain-relief services, Sarah is an expert in Chinese Medicine protocols, and she can coach you about regaining your energy, dropping weight, sleeping through the night, and many other lifestyle issues.

Sarah also teaches Wellness Workshops in Wheat Ridge on a monthly basis. In these one-hour presentations, you can learn new ways to personalize your health care/self-care and use all the services provided by the friendly professionals at Alpenglow.


health advice

Alana Kazam is serious about good health. As a certified holistic health coach and popular nutrition guru, Alana coaches her clients about balancing their diet, eating for immune support, healing with essential oils, and how all areas of one’s life work together to nurture the whole person. Another interesting avenue for Alana, and something you may want to ask her about at this event, is all the items she’s created for her Turmeric and Old Lace Healing Essentials line, like natural deodorants and the very best hot cocoa mix that includes essential oils! Alana’s own life, and the lives of those she coaches, are balanced with a great sense of peace and purpose.

Have you ever wondered about the health benefits of fermented foods? Alana has a wonderful fermentation workshop that can help you understand their benefits AND make this amazing food for yourself.

Look for all these passionate professionals at the Special Event on September 25th!