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In part six of this blog post, I am introducing you to three more of the health, wellness, and empowerment experts who will be attending the “Ask An Expert” event on September 25th in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

You are invited to join in on this amazing happy hour meet up and receive expert health advice from 25 inspirational women! Read on for more information. ~ Coach Georgianne

Do you have questions about health care and insurance for you and your family? Have you ever suffered from allergic reactions to the products you use to clean at home? Where do you get health advice you trust?

It can be difficult knowing which expert to trust as you Google their name and ask around at the book club, right? Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance to meet a wide variety of experts in the fields of health, wellness, home environment, and empowerment — actually meet them in person and ask them a few questions and receive their health advice — without being charged for a $250 office visit or appointment?

If building a thriving team is something that matters to you, I invite you to accept my invitation to attend a Special Event that my team here at Holland Health Coaching has created! The first of many “Ask An Expert” events is happening in Wheat Ridge, Colorado on Friday, September 25th from 6-8p.m. This is a special event that you need to register for, and my team will be happy to look for your name on the VIP list at the door. Would you like to join us?

I’d like to share with you information about three of the Experts who will be available for you to speak with at this special event:

health adviceLaura Bender is part of the new wave of nutritionists offering health advice in America. This holistic health coach has dynamite credentials along with years of loving effort helping the most fragile among us feel nourished as they heal and recuperate from major illness, recover after tragic car accidents, and experience the process of dying. This breadth of service in the health and wellness field gives Laura an outstanding ability to coach folks from all walks of life — when you are in her care, you are at peace and in compassionate hands. Downtown Denver is where Laura does much of her nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching. She also offices in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, as she serves her clients with an inspirational combination of youthful enthusiasm and successful protocols. Professionals like Laura are at the cutting edge of health and wellness empowerment today, and I’m excited to introduce her to you! Salmans is a guide for all those who do not have the kind of health care they need. If insurance and doctors are subjects that you try to avoid, Deb will help you to fully understand and finally cross that task off your to-do list! The world of health insurance has changed a lot in the last few years, and many people don’t have the kind of health care they need. Trusting Deb to provide access to quality health insurance products is such a relief to her clients. It is empowering to, perhaps for the first time, be educated and respected as you make these important choices and decisions. Please look for Deb on September 25th!

health adviceDeDe Dozbaba is well-known in Colorado! She is that kind of entrepreneurial woman who can make every business opportunity she takes-on look both easy and glamorous! After years in banking, DeDe has helped countless entrepreneurial women start businesses for themselves as she graciously shares all the best practices she has established in her own career. If you are interested in building a team of bright and ambitious professionals, DeDe is a great place to start.On September 25th, I’ve asked DeDe to present all of us with information about how we can clean our homes without the use of any chemicals or harsh products. It is important to so many families that they monitor the air quality at home and know for certain that only natural ingredients are included in their homemaking tasks. If you’ve ever had an adverse reaction to chemicals or cleaning supplies, I invite you to introduce yourself to our special guest, DeDe Dozbaba.

We all look forward to seeing you at this special event…Register today and get your name on our VIP list!