November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Looking at your family, and looking in the mirror, it’s important to know that the Prevention of Diabetes is Possible

“Once you get over the denial, it’s like ‘OK, how are we going to tackle this?'” Anthony Anderson, diagnosed with diabetes in 2002.

diabetes awareness month

Diabetes awareness happens for many of my clients as young children. Therefore, I’ve heard hundreds of heartbreaking stories about losing a father, favorite aunt, or cousin to the complications of diabetes.

“He was someone who never went to the doctor and was probably living with diabetes for close to 20 years before he was diagnosed.”

“She was the aunt who always kept the kids after school, and I can still taste her brownies and hear her laughter.”

“Once Frank was diagnosed, he stopped wanting to play. He stayed at home because of the blood testing and embarrassment.”

Above all, know that diabetes awareness can lead to prevention as you take charge of your health

After a prediabetes diagnosis, certainly, my most active client becomes determined to gather science-backed information, asks questions, and checking in with her doctor. Studies show that 90% of those with prediabetes don’t know they have it, even with a family that knows well the look of  Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Becoming an engaged and informed person is key to preventing the progression of prediabetes into the realm of Type 2 Diabetes.

According to the Diabetes Prevention Program, those with untreated prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. What kind of treatment is needed for those whose blood sugar numbers are just beginning to be higher? Unstable blood sugar is described as a fluctuation between High and Low blood sugar. This up and down blood sugar means cellular inflammation, damage to small blood vessels, and impaired blood circulation.

The key to stabilizing and maintaining blood sugar levels is knowing what to eat

Diabetes awareness is actually a gift. It is a glorious Self-Care Opportunity! When we know that our risks are elevated, it motivates us to stabilize and support our blood sugar levels. Or, at least it could. This knowledge can help us to learn what to eat and how to create health at home. To create Homemade Health!

diabetes awareness

Four Ways to Upgrade your Food Life and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Take Charge of your Carbs. This food group is beloved and feared. Sometimes, carbs have a bad reputation. Learn how to tell the difference between Starches, Sugars, and Fiber! Grab your free copy of the Crash Course on Carbs and begin taking charge of your choices.
  2. Get the 411 on Fats. Healthy fats are essential for our bodies to work properly. They are the building blocks for hormones that fight inflammation. A family that suffers from diabetes suffers from inflammation. Fats are confusing–so it’s time for the straight scoop! (See page 47 of Coach Georgianne’s Prediabetes Workbook).
  3. Go with your Gut. Our gut and the microbes living there are vitally important to those facing Prediabetes. Intestinal bacteria > metabolic health > blood sugar control.
  4. Decipher Food Labels. Everyone is being fooled. When we read the front of any packaged food item, it can feel like that food is superbly healthy. Ha! For that reason, turn that package over and read the label. Bringing home mystery food is harmful to everyone who eats from your pantry, cupboard, freezer, or dining room table. Now you know, so now you can upgrade your food life.

During November on social media, I’ve shared 10 Coaching Steps in honor of all those with a family legacy of diabetes. I invite you to visit Holland Health Coaching on Facebook where you’ll find all ten steps. Share them with your family and friends! Let others know you care about their health and well-being; because you’re reading this, I know you do care! Together, we can make a positive difference today in the fight against diabetes.