If you are seeking wellness, likely you’ve sought out the talented help of complementary and alternative health care professionals.

health care professionals treatmentThat’s my story. When working with a series of well-meaning, but ultra-busy physicians didn’t result in the health outcomes I was looking for, I turned to Colorado’s health care professionals in the complementary and alternative care community.

Some of those health care professionals practiced mainstream medical therapies, and others helped me heal my body using ancient healing systems like homeopathy, ayurveda, massage, and energy practices. Funny story — after being hit by a drunk driver 12 years ago, I exhausted the usefulness of conventional medicine therapies, including pharmaceuticals, and didn’t start to get true and lasting relief until I made an appointment for a facial.

Yes, a facial. That dark and quiet room held the magic for my aching neck and head. Evelyn spent almost two hours massaging my face, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms — and I cried as I felt each knot and spasm release under her experienced care.

Fast forward to today and women ask for my help in creating a bridge to their own best outcome, and most often, my beloved clients begin their journey at home.

As part of the larger health care industry, I do my best to make my “bridge-building” services easy to find and know Google documents that 43% of us use internet-based resources as their go-to source of health and wellness information.

So the next time you are at home with your mobile phone in hand, or perhaps even now as you read this post, you have joined the new era of wellness seekers. My bet is that complementary and alternative resources will call your name, too.

alternative careHealth coaching as a profession is a hybrid of sorts: Coaches need to possess and deliver equal parts

  • cheerleader
  • illness and cure authority
  • behavior modification wizard
  • and empathetic listener

Sometimes, they even need to make themselves readily available for late night and weekend support!

In my mission to be a passionate voice in the growing role that health and wellness coaches fill in the American health care field, three efforts are extremely important:

  1. Gather a team of peers around me so that my clients are served by a Whole Wellness Community, including, but not limited to western medicine practices.
  2. Deliver educational services that allow others to use Mind-Body Medicine habits like meditation, prayer, relaxation, and art therapies.
  3. Create an outlet for those interested in remedies that are biologically based, like herbal supplements, teas and oils, and the ultimate in physical nourishment: cooking Real Food at Home.

Like every enthusiastic entrepreneur I know, delivering on all of these mission positions cannot happen fast enough! And I’ve learned that my efforts are one of many in the complementary and alternative landscape today. I’d like to leave you with a list of my trusted references in Colorado — the kind of health and wellness experts you can count on and find when you need them most, like I did, with sweet Evelyn. I hope you will help me to Thank the Healing Heroes in your life today!