healing energyDo you believe in the healing energy of female friendship? I know that I do!

When women of goodwill gather together, there is an uplifted energy that naturally flows.

Healing energy is present when everyone’s eyes become a little brighter. All the women smile more freely. Women in community are an empowering force. Sometimes this happens when we are with the women in our family, or extended family. Other times, this happens when we are with new friends or complete strangers at a gathered event. I believe in the naturally flowing energy that women share in community such as this!

I was pleased to be part of such a circle of women on September 25th in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. ~ Coach Georgianne

The inaugural “Ask An Expert” Event included almost 100 women for three hours of inspiration, relaxation and wellness. We exchanged ideas, asked one another questions, and helped one another feel confident about our shared interest in well-being and thriving. It was a dynamic experience!

If you are interested in attending the next “Ask An Expert” event, I invite you to let me hear from you. It is my goal to gather more than the 25 Experts and 75 participants from our first event — in total, I’d like there to be more than 150 women in the circle in January! You can help me make this so by raising your hand, dropping me a note, and letting my know if you have a health, wellness, or empowerment expertise you’d like to share. I look forward to hearing from you. Please spread the word among your friends and family!

It is also exciting to know that this healing energy will continue in the form of new friendships forged and professional alliances built. I know that a year from now, every participant in this community will realize that their life expanded in beautiful ways on September 25, 2015. I know that mine did!