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The Free “Just A Taste” Health Coaching Session

health coaching for women by Georgianne20 Minute FREE Health Coaching: A Private Phone Session to Start Simple, Sustainable Habits and Transform Your Health

Let’s share a phone call and talk about Prediabetes and High Blood Sugar so you can embrace Self-Care practices and create Homemade Health.

Health coaching is a powerful place to release old habits or create new ones. For the past 10 years I’ve mentored women with the chronic illness of Prediabetes to help them reach these POWERFUL self-care skills:

> Simple tools and resources for automating habit decisions so lifestyle improvements are easier.

> The changes necessary to make exercise and active hobbies a joy instead of a chore.

> How to understand the common pitfalls of the Standard American Diet and release food choices that cause illness.

> Understand blood sugar balance and how Glucose and Insulin are at the root of many chronic illnesses — and what to do about that.

Sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement or a real-world explanation about all the science behind Prediabetes or High Blood Sugar. Other times, what you want is a new idea from a compassionate coach willing to give you a helping hand over your challenge.

health coaching is a hand upIt’s exciting to plant both feet on a powerful path of new beginnings! Professional health coaching can help you feel confident in the steps you take and the choices you make.

There’s not a “One Size Fits All” approach to holistic health care, and because of this, this virtual session is personalized for you.

Plus, I’ll include my Crash Course on Carbs: Choosing Food for Blood Sugar Balance & Holistic Health, valued at $59

If you would like to apply for one of these complimentary phone consultations with me, I invite you to follow this link to my appointment scheduling tool. You’ll be given options for the day and time you’d like to speak with me over the phone about your goals and concerns. My office will follow-up by sending instructions and paperwork that you will need.

Watch this short video to see more details about this FREE Health Coaching offer!


There is a distinct difference between Doctoring and Coaching! Because of this, I offer expert guidance that can help you better follow your doctor’s orders, or address the root cause of your chronic illness diagnosis. Let’s uncover the steps you can take to create balance using ideal nutrition and compassionate goal achievement because your Self-Care is POWERFUL.

Coach Georgianne

health coaching

What’s it like to meet with me? Here’s what other coaching clients had to say:

“The most significant overall change I have noticed has been the ability to envision myself as having healthy habits, even as I age. Georgianne has accomplished this herself and is a real inspiration as I am in her age group.” — LC, Oregon

“During my time with Georgianne, I focused on preventive care, nutrition, and exercise. It is time for me to feel energetic and enjoy life!” — MP, Wyoming

“I am no longer considered prediabetic. My doctor cannot believe how long I’ve maintained this, but I’m not surprised! I learned a lot with my coaching.” — CD, Aurora