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Georgianne HollandHello. I’m Health Coach Georgianne Holland. Thank you for visting!

I am so excited that you have found your way to Holland Health Coaching. I am here to help you create a path — a new and improved path — toward your imagined, reinvigorated life. Everyone needs to start over now and then, and I honor your desire to seek out your best “yet to be”.

I use the principles of holistic health to gently move my coaching clients toward new ways to cope with all the unexpected road blocks they’ve experienced. If you are seeking wellness, that tells me you are a person who values a thriving lifestyle. I think you and I will get along great! My sweet husband and granddog Amina agree!


I have exciting news to share!

The whole team at Holland Health Coaching will be relaunching this website in January, 2018!

Solution Starter for PrediabetesYou will find there our exciting new 12-month coaching program called Solution Starter for Prediabetes!

I do hope you will come back in January and learn all about it! In the meantime, please feel free to add your name to my Homemade Health e-newsletter list. You will receive all the latest information about Solution Starter for Prediabetes as well as expert help in thriving today!

Thriving is about more than what you eat; it’s about living healthy in all areas of your life. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Prediabetes Educator, I teach you how to achieve the life you want through self-empowerment and self-care. I am passionate about helping you experience all forms of life nourishment—not just the food you eat, but also creativity, right livelihood, loving relationships and life accomplishments.

Sometimes our path includes a diagnosis of a chronic condition, like prediabetes, and you may need a solution above and beyond what is offered in your doctor’s office.

Sometimes this happens. Our doctors can prescribe medication, and they can give us some printed information about things we can do at home to improve our health, but at the end of the day, many people are still at square one about how to actually reverse the underlying causes of that chronic condition. I understand that building new habits can be challenging, and that’s where a holistic health coach can make a huge difference in your outcome!

I know that there are dramatic things that happen in many women’s lives, and these events can put us on the path to coping in ways that are not ideal for our health and well-being. That used to be my story. I am a survivor of a violent crime as well as being hit by a drunk driver. When I was trying to rebuild my life 30+ years ago, I tried unhealthy coping strategies including over-working to numb my pain and over-eating to stuff down my emotions. The truth is, the kindness of many strangers over time helped me to thrive, and now, my life’s work is to be that kind person in other women’s lives.

I believe every person has survived something, and today is a wonderful day to set down the “victim label” and choose to thrive. That’s why I launched Holland Health Coaching. I am a compassionate advocate for women and their beloved families. And no matter your age or personal wounds, I can help you find and embrace life as a thriving women, too, through self-empowerment, self-acceptance, and a commitment to physical health and life purpose.


My life as a health coach and thriver is intricately woven into my role as a happily married woman, proud mom to three, stepmom to two, and grandmother of four! Living in a healthy and growth-oriented home is a primary form of nourishment for me, and all the ways in which women can prevent disease and blossom in life are topics I love to write about. My monthly e-newsletter is called Homemade Health for this very reason! My coaching office is located near the Denver foothills in Westminster. I invite you to enjoy all the resources I’ve created there!

I look forward to helping you begin on your path to wellness. Let’s start today!

Best wishes,
Georgianne Holland

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