Women’s Health and the Sisterhood of Thriving

Women’s health often falters…this happens even to the most dedicated.

When women’s health is discussed, the topic of weight often comes up. Thirty days ago, I got on my bathroom scale to see that I was a full 10 pounds heavier than I was the month before.

Has this ever happened to you? I decided to start a conversation on my We Are Women At Wellness group on Facebook to see if other health-conscious women could relate to my situation, and also see what they do to provide Self-Love in times of change. I believe in the transformational power of women’s health in groups, as they come together and support one another. And I wanted to reassure myself that I was not alone in the situation!

If you also need some sisterly support regarding your body, your self-care, or your feelings about it all, I will share with you the women’s health group wisdom I have gathered from the tribe.

1. I found a consensus that awareness about our bodies is key to maintaining life-long healthy habits. When our body communicates with us, it is important to be aware of that message and then know what actions to take in time to prevent a further slide out of balance. What does it take to practice this kind of awareness? The group thinking here is that taking 20 minutes every day to mindfully reflect on your feelings, ideas, and plans for the day, is very centering and awareness-building.

2. Having a coping plan for the stressors of everyday life is the way that savvy women prevent the kind of weight gain that high-stress living can yield. In our first 4 decades of life, many people cope with self-medicating or “tuning out” to calm themselves. As we grow older and wiser, we tend to build more coping skills and the ones used by the women in my Body SOS to the Rescue group certainly were more creative. In addition to meeting up with girlfriends to destress and clear the calendar for downtime, I heard a lot of women sing the praises of meditation and fresh air.

women's health3. Speaking of being outside and walking with friends, the group wisdom about being more active sounded a lot like a commercial for Fitbit and other step-counters that are now so popular! When sedentary life creeps up on us and we realize that moving more needs to be a renewed habit, having apps and technology to back up our good intentions is helpful to most. Have you begun to wear one of the brightly colored step counters and do you find that this kind of personal accountability is motivating?

When I got on my scale again this morning, as I have reached the 30-day mark since my weight-gain confession, held my breath. I certainly was hopeful that by taking action in my own life using the three wise ways I have documented here, I would be able to report to you that, BOOM — those 10 pounds had simply melted right off. It pleases me to let you know that while the needle has definitely moved down a few pounds, I still have room to go. Do you know what is important to me about this experiment? I love knowing that I am not alone. It has been tremendously helpful to engage with other women during these past 30 days on the topic of self-care, and I know that in doing so, all the participants were encouraged and heard. That is a lovely result and it makes me feel lighter, more confident, and motivated to continue the conversation as well as my personal wellness care.