Life can be difficult on the best of days and teamwork often comes after we try to handle our challenges alone. For some women, teamwork may seem like something only athletes get to enjoy.

I didn’t play many team sports growing up, and my first attempt at mountain climbing taught me many important teamwork lessons.

teamworkTeamwork was important when I decided that I needed to transform my life in 2005. It felt like the road to my goal would be long and steep, like a mountain in a foreign land.

Much of what I wanted to change in my habits, my daily circumstances, and my attitude were shrouded in the clouds that clung to this proverbial mountain of mine, and perhaps this is why my journey took a long time. In fact, I am still pursuing some of the transformational experiences I mapped out for myself years ago, and this makes me proud because I have not given up!

I’m also proud because I’ve enjoyed great teamwork with women from many backgrounds and perspectives along this climb. Coach Georgianne

If you feel like the transformation of your life, from where you are to where you want to be, is a tricky journey, I think it is good for you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. Teamwork is important here, as you will need someone help set up a belay line, and then move forward with a new sense of safety and confidence!

A coach is like a tether — the right coach for you is someone you can trust to be a non-judgmental 3rd party — knowing they will have your back and be your guide. Have you ever watched people while they are rock climbing? Have you seen the belay ropes and mechanism teamworkthey use to keep them safely attached to their coach and to the mountain? Do you know how to use a coach as a belay as you reach for your dreams?

In my practice, I have found that using a coach in this role of supportive leader is a very different experience than either going it alone or using a family member or friend to help you.

While I get to know you as my coaching client rather well and the working relationship is friendly, I am not emotionally attached to you. Your emotional life can be as messy as it truly is without you having any fear that your journey will hurt me or cause me to demand things of you. Isn’t that refreshing? That’s a big difference that allows my clients to feel safe in our coaching so that they can focus on their own path. I am a brave and non-reactive witness to your growth.

This coach/client relationship is also very different than you picking out a self-help book and working at your journey up this rocky mountain alone. With the “belay dynamic” I provide you, there is not only compassionate support for you as you climb, there is also a wellspring of expert moves I can share with you. It’s like there are certain hand-holds and swinging maneuvers I can teach you to more gracefully and quickly ascend to the height of your dreams!

When I began my personal transformation from sickly, exhausted, overweight, and lonely, into the life of vibrancy that I now enjoy, I thought I had to white-knuckle my way along the path alone, so I did that for far too long. Here was my saving grace: all along my road, before I became enchanted by the world of holistic health coaching, I met many compassionate strangers who reached out a hand and helped me to succeed — my team appeared. Has that ever happened to you? Let me be your kind stranger today! I want to witness your journey and give you the benefit of these empowering skills! No one is always at the top of the mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view, yet many more days are spent there when we all embrace the strength of teamwork.