Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Holistic Health Coach

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I am a proud holistic health coach because I’ve worked for years to learn this art and trade. And what a fantastic growth experience it has been! To be a holistic health coach, I needed to bring my soul and human body into alignment before I could be in integrity as a facilitator, guide, healer, or coach. This alignment is my personal health journey and it is directly related to my work as a coach.

No coach is a perfect person…in fact…no kind of person is perfect

You want a coach who is resilient. I recently told a friend that I see myself as a sacred listener to my clients as they share their needs and experiences. This is a great honor. Before anyone is willing to share at a deep level, they need to know and trust me as a person–warts and all. So, my first job as a leader is to get to know my clients and help them get to know me.

You want a coach who is a good teacher. My job is to help clients use holistic health practices in their own life. They trust I am heart-centered and well-educated. They hire me because I prove that I care about them before I ever share the bountiful tools I’ve created. I am also their accountability partner, so I’m here to help them follow through. On this transformational path, as all of our joint efforts flow, we each grow and expand. The sum of our parts is greater than either of us can accomplish on our own.

If I were to name the most common thing I talk about with my clients, it is the power of Self-Care. I practice self-care habits to stay resilient as a coach, mom, and a friend.

Talking to a Holistic Health Coach

You don’t want to be afraid of the coaching process. I have been part of hundreds of  “Get to Know You” conversations over the years. I’m aware that some people are nervous to have this exploratory conversation with a potential coach. Some are hesitant to share what they call their “deepest and darkest” truths. Some feel hesitant to invest in themselves. Fearful. Nervous. A tad guilty for spending money on themselves. I understand. Looking back at some of my experiences hiring my own coaches, I felt indulgent the first time I wanted self-care help. Now I enjoy it!

Even with hesitant feelings, any coach you speak with should help you feel heard and listened to in a way that feels valuable and supportive. Positive energy should flow through your body when you speak with your “just right” coach!

Here’s a short video to introduce my coaching style >

Five Questions to Ask a Holistic Health Coach

  1. Where were you trained?
  2. How long have you been in business?
  3. Where will we meet [face-to-face, online, via email, in a group setting]?
  4. What kind of continuing education interests you?
  5. How many people like me have you helped?

What to expect from a Holistic Health Coach

The holistic health coaching I offer is similar to many other coach’s practices. This is good news for everyone hoping to improve their health! The choice of which coach to hire doesn’t often come down to One Specific Modality or Program. Your choice will likely come down to a strong, positive connection between you and your chosen holistic health coach.

What do you mean by “holistic?”

I’m interested in the aches and pains of your body, relationships, spirituality, and work. The holistic approach means thinking about all parts of life–the Big Picture. I’m trained to speak to you as a whole person, including concerns about your physical body, mind, emotions, work, spirituality, and social life. Other aspects of holistic coaching are professional services that complement the skills of your doctor. This can include massage, bodywork, herbs, or supplements. You want to learn the cause of your problem, instead of just treating the symptoms. Holistic health coaching helps you get down to the foundation and build back up from there in natural ways.

Here is a list of holistic health practices that certified coaches often teach:

  1. Primary Nourishment Habits for Your Body: Upgrading or fine-tuning the way you eat
  2. Explanation of the lifestyle-created, chronic illnesses in America. My specialty is helping people address Prediabetes and avoid Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Goal Setting and Perseverance: Sustainable habits for long-term wellness
  4. Macro and Micro Nutrients: Food as Medicine Coaching and Supplements
  5. Stabilize Blood Sugar and Reduce Inflammation
  6. Fitting Fitness into a Busy Lifestyle
  7. Restorative Rest and Engagement with your Social Circle
  8. Finding the Support You Deserve
  9. Temptations, Triggers, and Traditions that have kept you Stuck
  10. Mindfulness and Meditation: The Power of your Brain and your Mind

Where can I find a holistic health coach?

You probably found this info about coaches by using an internet search. I’m glad you found me! Many of my clients tell me they spent a lot of time looking up their health questions when they found Holland Health Coaching online. Other people ask their doctor if they offer holistic health coaching and sometimes, they do! Some employers offer coaching services in their employee wellness plans, and that’s a great benefit.

I used to have a coaching office where I’d see people face-to-face by appointment. In the past two years, I have changed my method to include pre-recorded videos and a year-long Solution Starter Prediabetes Program that delivers these 26 videos. Research tells us that the future of health care in America includes more of this kind of remote-access help. It’s great for those who do not live in a city center near a variety of practitioners. It’s great for those who do not have insurance or a doctor with the coaching option. And it’s really great for those American workers who do their job from home. Their wellness coaching happens from the comfort of their sofa!

The holistic health coach of today is often a self-employed, highly educated, enthusiastic member of the health and wellness industry. We are personal development geeks with a huge library of resources and materials we dearly love sharing with our clients. I hope you will have great luck in finding the holistic health coach who is just right for you.

If you have more questions about working with a health coach, contact me! I’m happy to answer your questions.