good habitsNew habits seem to be on everyone’s mind—or at least on their social media.

If you are thinking about habits or the resolution list of someone you love, here’s some health coaching support.

People understand the benefits of building new habits. They just don’t like feeling forced into making changes.

We cling to old habits. It seems that most of us feel that way.  Did you ever consider that when we live our lives based on old habits, we’re choosing to make choices without thinking first? We are in essence letting our past push us around.

Unthinking actions have a profound effect.

The leading causes of a shortened life, and perhaps a lower quality of life in the process, are behaviors we don’t have to think much about. Chronic illnesses are largely made from mindless eating, sedentary choices, and self-medication through smoking and abusing alcohol. When you think about it, we can choose to exercise control over these low-energy coping behaviors. I know that I specifically chose to release mindless coping 30 years ago and my life path has blossomed in amazing ways since then!

Is your life better than before?

If you are a person who seeks to increase her good habits to receive powerful results like extending life expectancy or enjoying life more, author Gretchen Rubin has some essential advice for you. She writes in her new book, Better Than Before, that when we foster mindful habits and actions, the following can be our north star:

  • Eat and drink more healthfully
  • Exercise regularly
  • Save, spend, and earn wisely
  • Rest, relax, and enjoy life
  • Accomplish more and stop procrastinating
  • Simplify, clear, clean, and organize
  • Engage more deeply in relationships

Holistic Health Habits

Building habits that work for your personality and guide you forward in a holistic and helpful way, are the foundation of what happens here at Holland Health Coaching. When you are empowered to make goals, habits, and forward motion in your life a top priority, it is good to have the compassionate voice of a path creator on your team!

powerful results of good habits

When I was 29 years old, I gave birth to my youngest child, Eric. That was the year that I made the profound decision to prepare myself for my life “after” children. I used mindful goal-setting to create transformation, and that allowed me to create the path toward my higher education, my personal development, and all the specific action steps I’d need to take once all my kids were in school.

Have you felt the pull in both directions?

This is often the experience of women who want to be both successful mothers and professionals: we are likely to use great sequential energy in our vital life roles and passions, and we do so in ways that honor the fact we are only one person. Did you ever try to be all things to all people simultaneously? Are you still building habits based on how to do for others at home and at work, and losing yourself in the process?

When I use mindful goal setting to create good habits and actions, as Gretchen recommends in her new book, I continue to honor the lesson I learned at 29 years old. I am powerful and achieve powerful results when I remember that my growth is honored in addition to the well-being of those to whom I am committed. Do you need support in dropping the habit of pushing yourself around and choosing the north star of self-care?

Post Update | June 1, 2021

I now have a Habit-Building Program available for your home use! This 30-Day Accountability and Habit-Building Program includes a 30-minute phone call with me, 8 accountability text messages, and 5 coaching emails. Sign up for the deluxe version of this program and you’ll also receive my colorful Focus on the Good Journal, two sheets of stickers for your Journaling Joy, and an I Love My Body Mirror Image Message. Learn more here.