Free Downloads for Prediabetes help from Coach Georgianne Holland
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Solution Starter for Prediabetes

Diagnosed with Prediabetes?
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Free Downloads from Coach Georgianne

My team and I have created five easy-to-use downloads for you!

Click on the images that follow to read online or print out your own Prediabetes worksheets.

Solution Starter Program for Prediabetes…Where Better Health Begins!


I have prepared a FREE BOOKLET for you that will help you balance your blood sugar the holistic health way! Over my coaching career I have gathered information about the carbs in food, and I want to share that valuable data with you today! It will support you as a student in the Solution Starter for Prediabetes Program, as well as it will support every one trying to be a savvy consumer.

A Crash Course on Carbs Booklet: Choosing Food for Blood Sugar Balance & Holistic Health

carbs glycemic index


The Starting Line worksheet was designed to help you and your doctor have an important conversation about your health status. Do you find it difficult to talk to your doctor or remember all that was said during your appointment? Click on this download, print off a copy, and take it to your next doctor’s appointment. Have a conversation with your doctor about your health questions–it is empowering!

The Starting Line Download



The Nutrition Facts download will help you become a food label pro, and if you are the primary grocery-getter in your home, that expertise will help everyone you cook for. If you have kids at home, this is a wonderful life skill to pass along. My Home Economics teacher would be so proud!

Nutrition Facts Download

Nutrition Facts Download


I am very happy to share the Blood Circulation Chart download, and it is one of my favorite tools in the Solution Starter Workbook. I’ve included this chart as a FREE resource to help everyone who wants to understand how the health of all parts of the body improve when we stay active.

Blood Circulation Chart Download

Blood Circulation Chart - Solution Starter - Full Page



The last download I’ve given you is a two-page worksheet called “Getting Back on Track”. When you take 20 minutes today to print out–and then fill out–this easy to use worksheet, it can help you reinvigorate all sorts of goal achievement situations. What are you hoping to accomplish in the year ahead?

Getting Back on Track Download


If you are interested is seeing ALL of the expert resources I provide to my Solution Starter Program for Prediabetes students, enroll today in the innovative online class! Signing up for this class is quick and easy, and you can begin your Prediabetes solution this week! This year-long program is delivered to you via email once a month for 12 months, and it can help you to reverse your Prediabates and avoid or delay the slide into Type 2 Diabetes!

I invite you to learn more today…I look forward to seeing you in the Solution Starter Online Classroom!


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Certified Holistic Health Coach and Prediabetes Educator,
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner

Creator of the Solution Starter™ for Prediabetes
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Solutions Starter™ for Prediabetes