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Thank you for stopping by my Health and Wellness Resources page at Holland Health Coaching! On this page, I’m going to share ways you can improve your health. Firstly, this resource collection has been created for everyone interested in solving their Prediabetes diagnosis. Also, it is helpful to those who want to improve their well-being through self-care habits at home.

Whether you are a member of the Starter SolutionTM for Prediabetes Program or you just found my site through a search engine, Welcome!

I’ve combined my years as a Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach to create resources and courses to help women and their families. Most importantly, I strive to help stop the legacy of diabetes and other illnesses caused by blood sugar imbalance. This Health and Wellness Resource tab will give you quick access to:

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Interested in learning more?

You may be a person who is seeking help to Prevent illness, solve a Chronic illness, or be Supportive to a loved one who is ill. There are additional resources located at the bottom of this page and across the site for you.

Why Being Informed is Key to your Health

Promoting health

Healthcare in the United States is an expensive and rapidly changing industry. The under-utilization of preventative measures, rates of preventable illness, and prevalence of chronic disease suggest that the U.S. healthcare system does not sufficiently promote wellness.*

The average life expectancy for Americans in 2018 was 78.7 years. Understanding how to sustain healthy habits over these 70+ years is a considerable factor in quality of life. If you have found your way to this website, you’re likely interested in the Preventative care and expert resources for Chronic Illness care that are fundamental to this concept of wellness.

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Filling the information gap for better health

The Holland Health Coaching mission statement includes our passion for helping women and their families feel empowered on a wide range of topics. I created a library of health and wellness resources on this website and through my Nestle And Soar Press to serve those with an interest in Prediabetes and the avoidance of Type 2 Diabetes. I specialize in helping people build new healthy habits.

Science-backed education and compassionate encouragement are hallmarks of what we do here at Holland Health Coaching.

We believe sustainable wellness is promoted through empowered choices, not through coercion, guilt or fear.

I combine my experience as a Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach to create informative courses and materials that help inform and encourage people to take the steps to prevent chronic illness and promote wellness.

Needed health and wellness resources

The team at Holland Health Coaching is committed to supporting people seeking improved health. We create and publish interactive books, workbooks, journals, and classes. We also direct you to other creators of this needed information and support.

Obesity and Weight Management Resources

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Obesity in the U.S. has more than doubled for adults from 15% of the population to 34%, and it has nearly tripled for children and adolescents to nearly 17%.

In the Solution StarterTM Program for Prediabetes, I support enrolled community members as they drop 5-10% of their starting body weight and increase their physical activities to 150-minutes each week. This resource is innovative because it allows the participants to address their overall health from the comfort of their homes.

The resources that follow will also enable you to reach out to other organizations that work with those who need to understand how their increasing weight is a risk for other illnesses like heart disease.

Food for Families in Need Resources

Food insecurity or aid to families in need is another health and wellness issue in America. Many people who seek out health coaching are able to purchase a wide variety of foods, or eat in upscale restaurants that cater to their thriving lifestyles.

Unfortunately, not all Americans have stable access to this basic element to good health. That is why Holland Health Coaching is dedicated to the financial support of the Feeding America Network. Growing resources and awareness for this organization is a path to helping build a healthier America.

Preventative Care and Caring Expert Resources

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Another type of health and wellness resource you may need involves your engagement with the U.S. healthcare industry. A majority of those who seek out the services of a health and wellness coach do so to have their health questions answered.

Research today tells us that many people believe the short annual discussions with their doctors are not satisfying. They are reporting a relationship disconnect at the doctor’s office. Many of my coaching clients are looking for wellness support instead of medication. They also need to be seen and heard as they engage with healthcare providers.

This is why, as a holistic health coach, I help clients prepare for their medical appointments so they get the information they need. To help you have a better result at your next doctor’s appointment, I invite you to download The Starting Line worksheet. Help your primary care doctor explain your key health numbers and work with you to create a plan of wellness action!

Here’s to your good health!

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When the health of any woman improves, so does the health of countless others.

Coach Georgianne

Other helpful resources

Because you’re seeking wellness, in the following links you can reach out to a wide variety of health and wellness resources. In the spirit of empowering Women who are Seeking Wellness, I invite you to learn more about these organizations.

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Have other questions?

Diabetes Educator and Holistic Health Coach Georgianne Holland.

Coach Georgianne Holland

Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC
Certified Diabetes Educator, CDE
Member of the American Association of Diabetes Educators
Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Member of the American Holistic Health Association
Food As Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner
Creator of the Solution StarterTM Program for Prediabetes and the Homemade Health E-Newsletter.

Holland Health Coaching is located in Colorado. We welcome everyone to join us in our wellness practice. Please enjoy the free resources and expert tools you’ll find on our website.

Coach Georgianne does not replace your doctor; she helps you work with your medical team for your greater good health.