Fix blood sugar imbalance

blood sugar imbalance


Created by Georgianne Holland, CHHC/CDE

Rebalance Blood Sugar Support for a Revitalized Life!

You want to fix blood sugar imbalance.

You may need to release anger about food because it no longer feels like a friend!

It’s important to fix blood sugar imbalance and it’s important to…

Understand prediabetes.

Understand your body.

Feel supported and revitalized.

You’re looking for the strategies that will allow you to create YOUR homemade health.

How can this Solution Starter™ Program for fixing blood sugar imbalance make my Life Better?


Is this true for you? The sugar naturally in food and the sugar added to food and recipes is something you crave. The problem is, sweet, sweet sugar has caused damage to your body and life.

diabetes risk

You have a lot of good company in this sugar-problem situation! And while that is true, it’s not true that you and all women are the same. Fixing blood sugar imbalance is personal. 

Long ago in my coaching practice, I noticed that ALL of my beloved clients wanted to find a blood sugar solution that is adjusted to their needs and personality. I heard this message loud and clear and I care deeply about my clients, so, voila! The Solution Starter™ Program fits your style and preferences; this prediabetes program is all about YOU.

(And, by the way, there was no such “viola!” experience. It actually took HUNDREDS of hours and five experts to develop this program for you.)

You want a reasonable online program to guide and support you on this important journey.

We all need help sometimes, and the effort to fix blood sugar imbalance is an important “Now’s the Time!” goal. It’s not just a matter of will-power when we want to improve our eating habits and restore our blood sugar numbers; if it was just about will-power, it would’ve happened for you already.

I know this is true. You’ve really tried.

Sometimes, even though we understand science, we avoid our best ideas and collapse into unhealthy carbs and sedentary living. Even when we feel determined. We’re human. Frustration often results, and frustration like that causes isolation, elevated A1C numbers, and stern conversations at the doctor’s office. Do you sometimes think, “I’m too old for this!”

balance blood sugar

Yes, lots of my most successful coaching clients are older than me. We all share a strong desire to Stop the Legacy of Diabetes in our Lifetime. It’s not too late to make this happen. There’s now a path to follow.

Take a deep breath and imagine this…

Imagine if you had in your hands all the current science-backed information you need to make positive decisions about your food and activity choices – info that’s easy to understand and use. Without having to stay up all night searching the internet for answers, imagine that all the info you need to balance your blood sugar is now in your hands. The info you can trust and use to improve the prediabetes situation your doctor told you about.

Perhaps that doctor was unable to give you the support you were hoping for…

Doctors are doing the best they can in a system that sometimes seems broken. AmIRight?

Health Coaches are working overtime to make sure people can follow their doctor’s advice about Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Reduction.

Instead of giving up, imagine that you’ve just begun your Solution Starter™ Program. In this new program, anytime you have a question, you send your personal holistic health coach a note online. No need to get in the car! She responds with expertise, respect, and compassion.

All the while, the details you’re given by this health coach help you move forward in this health journey. You don’t receive a bill from your coach for her help. All 58 classes in this program are yours to use and follow today. Or next month. To share with family. At your convenience at home.

No need to wonder when the next lesson will arrive…it comes to you easily at home.

And all along the way, you are welcomed into an online community of others who also want to make peace with their bodies, carbs, and blood sugar spikes. Folks who want to stop the legacy of diabetes in their families.

People who also want to create a lifestyle shift that’ll keep them and their doctors happy.

People who understand your situation because they share your situation. They cheer you on. You lift them up because you also have wisdom to offer.

How would you feel if that were happening right now? Empowered. Hopeful. Grateful?

Georgianne Holland

My name is Georgianne Holland. I’m honored to guide your efforts to fix blood sugar imbalance.

I developed the Solution Starter Prediabetes program online to help improve your blood sugar numbers and avoid the development of Type 2 Diabetes. You likely know people with diabetes. Your own prediabetes may be a new situation for you.

You’re not alone.

You know your body has responded to the foods you love, and it’s not always a positive response. You want to get real about fitness, without feeling shame or worry.  Because you’re feeling you’ll have to stop enjoying your life in order to be healthy in the future, please hear me say that the very best of your life may be yet to come!

I see this all the time; renewed life purpose and a body that can take you there. Because of this, I created this online learning course to help you gently, over time, explore more options for creating better health. And that means a Renewed Life.


We want to celebrate your passion for improving nutritional support in your life. Because you care about others, for every enrolled program participant, Coach Georgianne donates 100 meals to the Feeding America Network! As you improve YOUR FOOD LIFE, you help others receive food and compassion, too.

What people are saying about the Solution Starter™ Prediabetes Program 

“Hi Georgianne, I am down 20 pounds. Thank you again for all the great work you do for women seeking to live healthier lives.” SM, Virginia

“I am no longer considered prediabetic. My doctor cannot believe how long I’ve maintained this, but I’m not surprised! I learned a lot through my coaching sessions with Georgianne.” CD, Colorado

“I have found Georgianne Holland so wonderful to work with on my journey to wellness. Her kind, compassionate, non-judgmental way of working motivates me to keep moving forward. Her programs are easy to follow, and I find the time we spend together rejuvenating.”  JD, Colorado

“I would recommend Georgianne to anyone who wants to make changes in their lifestyle, but certainly to women in the over 50 group who have our own set of challenges and habits to deal with. Georgianne is a real inspiration.” LC, Oregon

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Who’s the Solution Starter™ Program for?

This program is for YOU if you ask yourself 2 or more of the following Top Ten questions:

  1. Why is it so difficult to eat like a ‘normal’ person?
  2. When will I find an exercise regimen that I can stick with?
  3. Will my next doctor’s appointment be another embarrassing session, because the last one was, and I didn’t get the help I asked for.
  4. Why is it nearly impossible to make time for myself when I’m so good at making time for others?
  5. Which diet or pill that I hear about on television is the right solution for me?
  6. Why is it that I resist doing what I know is best for my health?
  7. When will there be a blood sugar class I can take at home where it’s private?
  8. How can I convince my spouse to improve his/her eating habits?
  9. Why are there three kinds of blood tests for high blood sugar, and why does it have to be so complicated?
  10. If I have prediabetes, does that mean I’ll have to take insulin soon?

The Holland Health Coaching team is devoted to:

  • Compassionate Coaching for Better Health > Homemade Health
  • Creating Supportive, Science-backed Information for Women Seeking Wellness
  • Convenient Online Learning Space for Home-Based Use
  • Co-Creating with YOU Inspirational Communities for Women Helping Women!

Frequent Questions from other Women in this Community

Do I need to purchase the Workbook and Journal separately? The course includes many of the pages from both books. To see the complete versions, you can order copies for delivery to your home.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to speak with the community? No, there is a Discussion platform built into this program. Besides that, you will have email access to the team.

Will I be able to talk to Georgianne directly if I want to? Yes, I’m available on the Discussion platform, through private email, and in the private Facebook group.

How do I access the Solution Starter™ Program? This program is housed on the Udemy platform. It’s very easy to enroll and when you do, you have lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

*What do I need to know about reducing my risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes? I am trained in a protocol developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). I received my accreditation through the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) as a paraprofessional diabetes educator. This protocol has been proven to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Learn more by watching my 6-minute video.

**Does this program take the place of help from my doctor’s office? 

No, we’re not offering to replace the expertise of your doctor. Most importantly, we’ll support you in working with your doctor’s office. You’ll be guided in what questions to ask, which tests to ask for, and how you can best follow your doctor’s orders. This program is all about helping you succeed at your pace, in your home, in your way. This program will help those with insurance and those who don’t have insurance or a doctor they trust. Those who enroll in this program pay for their year’s membership in advance, in one simple payment.

***Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes is dependent on your enthusiasm for this Solution Starter™ Program over the next 12 months. We believe in you!

Most importantly, do you have any questions?

Ask Coach Georgianne your question today!