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Today we’ll talk about creating a family wellness plan. Each family member, whether they’re under your roof or living in a town far away, can use this plan to take action and receive support. I invite you to read through this online coaching session and make sure you GRAB your FREE Wellness Worksheets today!

~ Coach Georgianne Holland, CHHC, CDE

Become a wellness leader

If you’ve been diagnosed with Prediabetes, your health issues may have become a family affair. Hopefully, the other people in your home are stepping up to give you support and encouragement along your journey to avoid Type 2 Diabetes. But let’s look at the flip side of that example. Perhaps you need to be the wellness leader for someone who isn’t as interested in a wellness recovery action plan and peer support as you are.

family wellnes plan

Families tend to share similar lifestyle choices and habits. Consuming the same types of foods. Engaging in the same leisure activities. So, if your Prediabetes stems from less-than-healthy eating and a sedentary pattern, guess what? Your family is probably at risk, too. Sooner or later, those choices will have a negative impact on their health as well.

That means you have a great opportunity! As you make positive changes to fight Prediabetes, you can also be the catalyst to improve the health of those you care about the most. Perhaps even helping them avoid devastating medical complications in the future!

A Family Wellness Strategy

So how can you “return the favor” of family support and make a positive impact on them in a somewhat-unexpected way? Click HERE to grab the FREE Family Wellness Profile and Resources worksheets; you’ll be taking the first step to extend the benefits of your new, healthy lifestyle to your precious loved ones.

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Worksheet #1: Family Health Profile

Use this worksheet to get an overall “health snapshot” for each of your family members. Then look for similarities. Is there a common thread in terms of habits or health challenges? Have you uncovered any opportunities for positive changes?

This worksheet provides space for you to write the health concerns of up to four people, and you can certainly print out more forms if your family is larger. In addition to giving others the chance to talk about the health issues they now face, which is a powerful action to take all on its own, this worksheet will help your precious family brainstorm about ways to practice mutual support.

family wellness plan

Worksheet #2: Family Health Resources

Use this worksheet to combine all the information about your family’s healthcare resources—primary doctors, specialists, other support people, and insurance companies. Closely check that list. Need to make any adjustments or additions? The goal here is to make sure that each family member is making health a top priority to take advantage of preventive care options.

If your family consists of elders who are not accustomed to sharing private information, this worksheet can help you to break the ice as everyone shares equally. Your leadership in this activity will also be helpful down the road since you’ll have each family member’s healthcare details right at your fingertips!

Just for fun

Now—just for fun—envision your happy family members gathered around the kitchen table, finishing their meal. You’ve asked them to help fill in the health worksheets. See how enthusiastically they brainstorm ways to boost their collective wellness. Maybe your stepson immediately suggests canceling the cable service and removing pizza delivery from speed dial.

Is that difficult for you to imagine? I get it.

When my coaching clients try to complete these worksheets and gain clarity about their families’ lifestyle habits, many of them report withdrawal or even resistance. Emotions can run high. It’s not unusual to hear comments like, “I don’t have Prediabetes! Why do I have to be involved with this?”

The fact is, some family members may be uncomfortable talking about their health choices. Completing the worksheets could take some time, but try to be patient. In the meantime, do your best to be a good role model. Gently gather information when new health situations arise. At least you know you’re moving in the right direction and, ultimately, making support a two-way street.

One Family’s Success Story

Sometimes achieving success with a family wellness plan takes time. I’ll share with you a story about one of my clients named Marissa (not her real name).

Marissa loved hosting parties on weekends and holidays for her large, extended family—parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins. The more, the merrier. Going to Marissa’s home for special meals was a much-loved tradition. But things were about to change. After an annual physical, Marissa was diagnosed with Prediabetes. She knew she had to make adjustments to her lifestyle, but she also didn’t want to disappoint any of her family members.

Before the next party, she did research on adding more healthy, whole foods to her menu. She planned to cut back on grains while loading up on the vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats that were becoming a bigger part of her regular diet. Marissa was really excited to share these new foods with her family. She also planned some creative backyard activities to get everyone moving after dinner.

One Very Predictable Challenge

starchy, high glycemic foods, fries, burgers, chips and

Unfortunately, family members arrived for the next gathering armed with chips, dips, cookies, cakes, and soda—all the foods they’re used to eating at their weekend parties. Marissa’s high-quality, healthy creations sat on the table, beautifully presented and essentially untouched. The backyard activities were forgotten when everyone started watching the endless parade of football games on TV.

At the end of the day, Marissa felt like her efforts to prepare healthy foods and activities for the family were a waste of her energy. She was hurt and disappointed. Frustrated. How could she maintain positive momentum to reduce her risk of Type 2 Diabetes when her own family was in denial about the situation or simply unwilling to support her?

Overcoming Denial

Marissa was actively searching for answers when she discovered my Solution Starter program for Prediabetes. In fact, she was one of the first to sign up for this unique, online education program that gives people the power to fight Prediabetes from home. Through the classes and interactions with the online community, she learned much more about her disease. She gathered plenty of tips and tricks for preparing healthy meals that taste absolutely delicious. Marissa found the motivation to join a walking group with her neighbors. She gained helpful strategies to cope with temptations and triggers. And she developed the confidence to tell her family members more about her efforts to avoid Type 2 Diabetes.

When Marissa was able to lovingly talk about her needs for adding healthy foods, her family became her greatest source of support. They politely sampled her veggie-packed dishes and often discovered some new favorites. Even requested them! Plus, they created a new tradition of playing softball in the yard after dinner. That friendly competition became a genuine highlight of their time together.

Marissa used what she learned in the Solution Starter program to take control of her own health.

As an added bonus, she showed her family how to make wellness a priority and planted the seeds of healthy new habits for generations to come.

If your family is in a deep-fried, Netflix-bingeing rut of making unhealthy choices, you have the power to change that trajectory. Get started now with a Family Wellness Plan!

Your Opportunities

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