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It’s possible to get off the Carb Roller Coaster!

crash course on carbs

I’ve taken a ride on the Blood Sugar Spike roller coaster a few times, and it’s not fun. I’ve also been on the kind of carnival roller coaster that flipped the seat upside down. My safety belt unlatched and my sister and I wrapped our little bodies around the metal bar screaming “STOP!” until we were hoarse. The 16-year old running the roller coaster wasn’t paying attention…

Now that’s a feeling of being out of control!

The kind of carb roller coaster you may be riding today…the sugar craving/donut-seeking/comfort-eating exhaustion, well…it’s possible for you to get off that ride.

And it’s possible to avoid Type 2 Diabetes…

crash course on carbs

Think back to your last checkup…

Did your doctor mention high blood sugar or prediabetes?

Since that day, do you wake up around midnight, thinking about donuts

and all those sweet, sweet CARBS in your fridge?

glycemic index

Your tired mind is wondering…

…do I have to give up tasty food?

…will my doctors say, “Take this expensive medicine and I’ll see you next year”?

…do I have to admit to my sister I don’t know what to do?

Let’s rewind that scene and start again!

crash course on carbsWith my powerful CARB basics and one zingy science secret from me, your true life story could look different…Very Different. It all begins with…

“A Crash Course on Carbs: Choosing Food for Blood Sugar Balance & Holistic Health” 

This is a fast-read that’ll help you make friends with delicious carbs–and help you feel better than ever–way before you see the doctor again!

glycemic index

In this easy-to-digest booklet…

I’ll share the SECRET first, so you can discover that Carbs have all the elements of a great drama: love, betrayal, heroes, villains, even some cheating. Too bad every crash course isn’t this interesting!

Here’s everything else you’ll find in the FREE course:

  • I will share with you the Carb Basics, and I promise this will make much more sense than your biology teacher, Ms. Bleemer, ever did.
  • Most people are interested in how to balance blood sugar because they care about Weight Loss and Weight Management…so I added that part, too.
  • How to add fiber in tasty ways, for the added bonus of eating more…kind of like that food “wiggle room” we’ve all been dreaming about.
  • Learn what the heck everyone means when they talk about Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. [You’ll want to tell your sister!]
  • A Lesson about the role of protein and healthy fats in blood sugar balance. You know, healthy fat is important for brain health.
  • I left out all the boring parts or anything you won’t be able to use right away, especially the next time you are in front of the fridge.
  • And then, you will learn the Strategy…

5 Carb-Smart Strategies you can use the next time donuts floating down from heaven start to feel distracting.

It helps when the grocery store feels magical, or at least, not confusing or frustrating.

I’m offering you this FREE booklet to read online or print–or both!

crash course on carbs

Type 2 Diabetes is both Avoidable and Reversible!

Do you come from a family of people who’ve already suffered from diabetes?

Perhaps you have already purchased the two KEY TOOLS I’ve created to help women avoid Type 2 Diabetes. You did this because you are determined to stop the legacy of diabetes in your family!

If you have a copy of the Solution Starter Workbook and the 30-Day Food & Activity Journal, then you KNOW that a Year-Long, Lifestyle Prediabetes Program is POWERFUL.

Maybe you’re not ready for that level of commitment…not this week, anyway.

So, my FREE carb-only booklet with Expert Tips can bring renewed energy to your food planning. Just like that!

And besides, you want to impress the pants off your doctor by turning your high blood sugar situation around! This crash course is the perfect first step.

Here’s a tool you can use right now!

Once you download the course, hang this beautiful Food Exchange List on your fridge. Everyone who eats in your kitchen can look at it before they cry,

“What can I eat that’s not a sugar bomb?”


If you’re ready for less regret, more food options, no deprivation, and a CRASH COURSE that sustainably balances your blood sugar…Click the link below and I’ll deliver your Crash Course on Carbs today!

prediabetes workbook and fresh food


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