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Contact Georgianne and Ask your Health Questions

We believe your health questions deserve compassionate, expert answers.

health questions contact Georgianne Holland

When you ask health questions and contact Coach Holland, you can receive an action-oriented answer from a certified coach and educator.

ask health questions and contact Georgianne HollandIf you are struggling with a chronic illness and would like to learn more about what you can do at home to honor your body and habits, this contact form will help you ask.

We invite you to ask for the support you need! The entire holistic health team at Holland Health Coaching is happy to talk with you about your situation and listen to your concerns. Response time is about two business days and we always, always respect your privacy.

Who is Georgianne Holland? For the past five years at her health and wellness coaching practice in Colorado, Georgianne has been asked thousands of health questions. Online and during face-to-face coaching sessions with those who had a variety of health concerns, Georgianne developed a friendly, science-based library of helpful answers…action-oriented answers!

Today this certified coaching practice has grown to serve women and their beloved families around the country who want to ask health questions and contact Coach Holland. Many of those questions are on the topic of Prediabetes and avoiding Type 2 Diabetes, and if you also have prediabetes questions, we invite you to visit Coach Georgianne’s FAQ page.

Maybe the topic of prediabetes isn’t on your mind today? You are a unique person with health questions that are specific to your circumstances. Do you help a parent, sibling, adult child, or a young child navigate their chronic illness diagnosis? It would be our honor to support you and your family in this time of questioning and curiosity*.



*All questions submitted to Coach Georgianne and the team at Holland Health Coaching are strictly confidential.

Georgianne Holland is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Diabetes Educator, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, and Food as Medicine Trainer. 

Her advice will guide you in making healthy, self-care choices at home, and her coaching does not take the place of your medical team’s role.

We do not share your contact information or your health-related questions with anyone or any business. 

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