Category: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a topic of conversation in many of my coaching sessions with women around the country. Mindfulness is a relatively new holistic approach to health promotion and is associated with improved stress management. As a holistic health coach, I am often impressed with the well-being improvements that result when stress reduction is a goal.

You can learn more about mindfulness within the Holland Health Coaching protocol of Primary Nourishment. This holistic health philosophy suggests that food is a secondary form of nourishment and other habits like relaxation and social connection are primary. When we lead a fulfilling life, it makes it quite easy to choose and enjoy health-promoting meals. One of the most helpful forms of primary nourishment is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness in also taught by many coaches as a way to stay in the present moment. As people experience more “Me. Here. Now.” moments, they can reduce the impact of subconscious patterns like stress eating, insomnia, and negative self-talk. In this way, mindfulness becomes the nudge for waking up and taking action in daily life.

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